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Congressman challenges electoral votes ‘We have a duty to move forward’

Representative Jim Jordan (Photo: Reuters).

Rep. Jim Jordan (State of Ohio) said he would challenge the electoral votes at the joint session of Congress on Jan.6, according to The Epoch Times.

Mr. Jordan said Sunday, Jan. 3 in an interview with Fox Business: “The final arbiter [is] here, the final control and the balance is the US Congress and when something is done. Unconstitutionally, which has happened in many [places] of these states, we have a duty to go ahead and challenge it and get it voted on January 6 ”.

The statement came after 12 senators, including Mr. Josh Hawley (Missouri) and Mr. Ted Cruz (Texas), pledged to participate in the contestation of the electoral votes during the joint session of Congress. 6/1.

Mr Jordan, who heads the House Judiciary Committee, said House members were aware of Democrats’ plans to delay the vote count and increase the number of votes by mail.

“The Oversight Committee and the Republicans on the Judicial Committee released this report and we [used] say the Democrats will do it,” he said. “We called last summer and said President [Donald] Trump would win election night, but [Democrats] wanted chaos and confusion around mail voting. “

Postal voting laws have been relaxed in a number of key states, particularly Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Lawsuits brought by President Trump’s legal team and third parties have sought to challenge the constitutionality of these laws.

Regulators and state courts say the 2020 election laws are designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. Last month, the Supreme Court refused to accept a lawsuit brought by Texas against key battlefield states, arguing that the state of Texas did not have the legal status to file the lawsuit.

In his statement, Mr. Jordan reiterated that the laws that apply in these states are “unconstitutional”.

The precedent for challenging electoral votes came in January 2005, when Democratic lawmakers protested at a joint session of Congress to count electoral votes. But they failed to challenge the victory of former President George W. Bush.

Last week, in a statement explaining the reasons for his objection, Senator Josh Hawley said “big business” like Facebook had taken “unprecedented” steps to support Democratic candidate Joe Biden running for president. The Republican senator from Missouri added that the challenge had helped tens of millions of fishermen

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