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Congressman DC drafted a resolution to expel Republicans in favor of the electoral challenge

The new House Democratic congressman is preparing a resolution to be introduced on Monday (January 11) to expel Republican lawmakers who have supported the challenge of the 2020 election results from the National Assembly.

(Photo: Rep. Cori Bush)

On Sunday January 10, Representative Cori Bush posted on Twitter that she believed defying the election results contributed to the chaos inside the Capitol on Wednesday January 6, leading to the deaths of some.

Ms Bush wrote on Twitter: “Tomorrow I will present a resolution to kick out those members of Congress who tried to overturn the election and provoke a white supremacist coup that left some people behind. pass away.”

“They violated the 14th Amendment,” she added. “We cannot have unity if these people are not held accountable.”

Similar steps have been taken by many other Democrats in both the House and Senate.

“At a time when the country was deeply divided and between assaults on the United States Capitol, Senators Cruz and Hawley chose to undermine our democracy and to lie. that the election was stolen, ”Democratic Senator Tina Smith (Minnesota) tweeted on Saturday evening (January 9). “They should resign immediately.”

Senator Smith also joins a number of other Democrats, including Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio); Patty Murray (Washinhton State); and Chris Coons (State of Delaware).

Senator Brown tweeted: “Both @HawleyMO and @SenTedCruz have betrayed their oath of office and fueled a violent uprising against our democracy. I urge them to resign immediately. If they do not resign, the Senate must expel them.

It should be noted that although Senators Hawley and Cruz were the ones who expressed their support for the Electoral College poll result, neither of them supported violence or violence. Both senators condemned the violence and held that offenders were held accountable for their actions.

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