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Congressman Madison Cawthorn: Democrats are “playing politics” with the soldiers

Republican Member Madison Cawthorn on Jan. 23 responded to Breitbart News’ SiriusXM, covering new policies under Joe Biden as well as the deployment of the National Guard forces in Washington. , 

Representative Cawthorn, 25, told host Matthew Boyle: “Clearly the Democrats are trying to play political drama with the soldiers of our nation. They are trying to get the message across that our nation is in turmoil and in a very difficult time. “

“Left-wing lawmakers came down, taking selfies with soldiers as if they liked them very much. But after the cameras disappeared, they quickly put the soldiers aside. They were upset that some of the soldiers weren’t wearing masks, ”Cawthorn continued.

Brother Cawthorn also mentioned the situation involving Democratic Representative Bill Keating saw a National Guard member without a mask while he ate at the Dunkin ‘Donuts Cafe (inside the Capitol campus. Thursday morning (January 21)) . Mr. Keating had said loud and clear that all men were required to wear masks at all times in the Federal Building District. Later that evening, thousands of National Guardsmen had been driven from the Capitol to an overnight parking cellar. The incident sparked public outrage.

Congressman Keating denied that his noise towards the soldiers caused them to move to the garage.

Cawthorn said he learned of the incident while surfing social media and saw “a group of soldiers sleeping on a cold concrete floor.”

“As quickly as possible, we called all of the Papa John’s and they put everything aside to prioritize making pizza for the waiters in our capital,” Cawthorn said. Cawthorn was then seen in the parking lot and handing out pizza to the military. He also offered to invite them to rest in his office.


Asked about Mr Biden’s new policies leading to the possible loss of tens of thousands of American jobs, Cawthorn said he would work hard with other members of Congress, but said that more and more “He is clear Democrats will only act if Republicans are on their knees. “

“Their version of ‘solidarity’ is the version of the Soviet Union where there is no voice of protest,” Cawthorn said. They were literally trying to kick me out of Congress in my last three debates. People like me, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs… They’re trying to get us out of Congress because we’re willing to stand up to them and push these things.

“Immediately after holding a pen in his hand, Mr. Biden started signing the most ridiculous and sweeping bills you can imagine,” Cawthorn said. He added that Mr. Biden “forces young girls to compete with men with large amounts of testosterone …”.

Representative Cawthorn’s comments allude to the decree against discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation that Mr Biden signed on the first day of his inauguration. As a result, if men are transgender or identify as women, they can use the restroom, locker room, or compete in sports with pure biologists.

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