Photo: The Gateway Pundit, Twitter.

On Tuesday (Jan. 26), Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann introduced a bill that would allow Texans to vote on separating from the United States.

House Bill 1359, also known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, would allow people to vote on whether the Legislature should form a commission. Joint interim board to plan state independence or not.

Mr. Biedermann wrote on Twitter: “Today, I filed bill HB 1359, the Texas Independent Referendum Act. Over the decades, America’s promises and our individual freedoms have been undermined. Now is the time for Texans to decide for their own future. ”

In a press release, the Texas Nationalist Movement explained that “the bill would give Texans the chance to vote in November 2021 and begin the reasserting process. ours as an independent nation. If the people vote in favor, the bill provides for the creation of a committee to initiate the transition plan, addressing all issues related to separation from the federal government.

Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller added that the bill simply questions the people of Texas. Even if the legislators did not support Texit, at a minimum, they would provide the people with the right to openly discuss and vote on the issue.

Rep. Biedermann said the national government is disappointing Texans and that they should be allowed to vote on their separation from the federal government.