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Contrary to the Democrats’ argument, 73% of black American voters support strict electoral process

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According to a survey by Rasmussen Reports published on April 6, nearly three-quarters of black voters believe that using voter identification information is necessary to ensure a “fair and safe election process. “.

The survey, conducted from April 1 to April 4, asked 1,000 US voters: “The law requires voters to present photo identification (such as a driver’s license) before they are allowed to vote. Is it necessary for ‘a fair and safe election process’? ”

75% of respondents chose “yes” for this question. Meanwhile, 89% Republicans and 65% Democrats agree with this view.

While Democratic politicians often refer to measures to protect electoral integrity as “persecution of minority voters,” 73% of black voters believe that the process of presenting identification with photos before Voting is necessary to ensure fair and safe voting process. Furthermore, another 81% of minority voters also believe that a voter ID is necessary.

The Governor of the Republic of Georgia signed on March 25 to approve the 2021 Election Integrity Act, which requires voters to have a valid photo ID to vote by mail, reducing the time required for ballots to be sent. by mail as well as specifying the location and deadline of the ballot boxes.

To object to this law, the American Baseball Federation on April 2 announced that it would leave the All-Star Game tournament out of Georgia. However, according to Breitbart, the American Baseball Federation still requires fans to present identification with photos when receiving tickets at the stadium.

Once again the culture of boycott and dual standards of American leftists were brought to the table for comment.

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