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Country Band The Petersens Amazes Everyone With “Take Me Home, Country Roads” Cover

Proving once again that they are a musical gift to the world, the Petersen family perform a sensational John Denver classic.

The classic country song, “Country Roads,” has been a dream for everyone in West Virginia for decades, but this cover of the talented Petersen family added new life to the original.

With a delicious bluegrass twist, Petersen’s version is led by older sister, Katie, seated with younger sister, Julianne. The rest of the musical family surrounds them with radiant smiles.

Initially, the song sounds familiar to the original, with brother Matt playing the guitar to Katie’s vocals. As the chorus hits, you instantly feel upbeat when bluegrass kicks in.

Their rendition retains the nostalgic, country feel of the original, but the addition of banjos, violins, and other bluegrass instruments makes it fresh and vibrant. The harmonies of the sister are simply heavenly.

With over 20 million views, this rendition of the classic song is experiencing a storm. The Petersens took a classic and turned it into their own timeless hit.

SIXTEEN TONS | Low Bass Singer Cover

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