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Courtney Hadwin ‘Voice’ Kid Turns Gets Rockstar Status With Her Powerful Voice

Courtney Hadwin is a contestant on The Voice Kids UK whose performance just keeps getting better. In the finale, the young rocker performed the iconic song, ‘And I’m Telling You’ by Jennifer Hudson. It’s a piece of music that needs a big, loud voice and great vocals – that’s exactly what Courtney delivered in

style.Courtney’s cinematic presence captures the attention of viewers and holds them back with a voice that is beyond her age and any appreciation of skill. This artist has a power and range that surpasses the greats. Every word is supported by countless sensations,

The megahit Jennifer Hudson song seems to fit Courtney Hadwin perfectly. It seems his vocals, personality and performance skills were made for this The Voice Kids UK finale. ‘And I’m Telling You’ sounds better than ever while staying true to the authentic sound the original was so loved for.

Courtney Hadwin performs ‘And I’m Telling You’

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