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Democratic Congressman: Chinese Olympics 2022 is ‘worse than’ Nazi Olympics 1936

Congressman Tom Malinowski (Democrat, New Jersey) said on CNN on Monday (May 31, US time) that hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics in China here “is in some way bad.” worse” held the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany.

Representative Tom Malinowski and fellow Republican Mike Waltz are the lawmakers sponsoring a bill that would ban the federal government from working with businesses sponsoring the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Responding to a question from CNN’s Acosta about the bill, Malinowski said: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to hold the Olympics in a country that commits genocide. You know, in some ways this is worse than 1936… Our bill doesn’t force athletes to boycott [the Olympics]. I don’t want them to lose this experience.”

Mr. Malinowski added: “But [the bill] would put pressure on American companies, which are sponsors of this Olympics, by declaring that they cannot cooperate with the US government if they sponsor it. for competitions [at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics]”.

Earlier, when asked by reporter Acosta if he agreed with the statement of Republican Congressman Mike McCaul (Texas) that the corona virus most likely originated in a laboratory, Congressman Malinowski replied: “We I was being reported by the Intelligence Community and right now, to be honest, there are two very credible explanations, either [the virus] was transmitted by animals at a seafood market or there was an incident lab leak, our intelligence community has not reached a conclusion. They don’t know for sure yet.”

“But whether it is a lab leak or not, we know that the Chinese government is hiding this, because they have been blocking the World Health Organization and every toxic agency. another establishment to come in and investigate [the virus],” Congressman Malinowski affirmed.

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