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Democratic impeachment group did not present new evidence of “incitement”

The 9-member Democratic impeachment group in the House of Representatives spent nearly two hours presenting evidence of allegations that former President Donald Trump “incited rebellion,” citing his statements from last spring in his speech on the day of the attack. However, the Democratic presentation offered no new evidence or revelation to prove that Trump deliberately instigated a mob to attack the Capitol.

(Photo: Representative Eric Swalwell of the House Impeachment Group presenting evidence to the Senate against Mr Trump)

Representative Jamie Raskin, the head of the impeachment team, said at the start of the second day of the arraignment: “We have a trial based on the facts.”

Democrats divided their presentation of the evidence into three parts: “incite”, “attack” and “damage.” In which, the “provocative” part of the presentation is considered very important in proving the allegation against Mr. Trump. However, the February 10 presentation extensively examined statements from the House trial summary, focusing on tweets and public statements by Trump.

The House of Representatives impeachment executive team accused Mr. Trump of his legal challenges and his comments about the election results “as part of a grim pre-planned campaign to encourage the division of his committed supporters. violence on January 6 “.

Representatives Joe Neguse, Joaquin Castro and Eric Swalwell of the House Impeachment Executive Group presented selectively edited video clips of Mr. Trump’s speeches that began last spring and culminated in the speech in Washington on the 6th. January.

Swalwell, Neguse and Castro allege that the statements, including words like “fight” and “prevent theft,” were evidence that the president facilitated and ordered crowds to undermine the electricity.

All video clips are taken from public speeches and interviews with Mr. Trump and are presented without relevant context.

This selective deliberate omission was particularly evident in the January 6 speech. The House impeachment group made no mention of Mr. Trump’s supporters saying to let their voices be heard “peacefully” and “patriotic” when they arrive on Capitol Hill. Instead, they focused on his use of the word “struggle” when discussing his team’s efforts to challenge the integrity of the election and the need for Republicans in Congress to get stronger in politics.

Neither Swalwell, Neguse, nor Raskin mentioned that Trump had repeatedly offered to deploy 10,000 National Guard members to Washington before January 6 to prevent possible violence.

According to former President Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, the president’s proposal was rejected.

Democrats will need at least 17 TNS Republicans to join them in condemning Trump, which is nearly impossible when 44 TNS Republicans voted against holding the Senate trial.

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