Demonstration in Myanmar: The nun knelt and pleaded. Shoot me

The nun knelt and pleaded with the police not to shoot the protesters (Youtube screenshot).

Kneeling before a group of armed police in the northern Myanmar city of Myitkyina, Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng begged them to spare the protesters’ lives and take her life instead, The Guardian reported. .

The photo taken on March 8 showing the scene of Sister Ann Rose kneeling, with her arms outstretched, pleading for the police not to harm the protesters in Myitkyina, caused a stir in the online community.

I knelt … begging them not to shoot and torture the children, but instead shoot and kill me, she said in an interview on March 9.

The nun’s act of courage was recorded at a time when the situation in Myanmar was becoming more tense after the February 1 military coup. As protests for democracy broke out, the government army repeatedly escalated the use of force, tear gas, tornado, rubber bullets, and real bullets. Up to now, more than 50 Burmese people have been killed in protests over the past few days.

In the city of Myitkyina, protesters took to the streets on Monday (March 8), carrying hats and self-made shields. As police began to appear around the protesters, Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng and two other nuns begged them to leave.

“The police are chasing them to arrest them and I take care of the children” – 45-year-old nun recounted the moment she decided to kneel to beg. Moments after she pleaded, the police started shooting at the crowd of protesters behind her.

“The kids panicked and ran to the front… I could do nothing but ask God for help and help the kids,” she said.

The nun recounted that when she saw a man shot in the head and died in front of her, she felt a pain. I feel like the world is falling apart. I am very sad because it happened while I was begging them.

A local rescue team confirmed to AFP that two men were shot dead on the spot during the rally on Monday, although they did not confirm the type of ammunition used was real or rubber bullets.

This is not the first time Sister Ann Rose has come face to face with Myanmar’s security forces. On February 28, she also knelt down in front of the police and asked them to stop suppressing protesters. “I thought I was dead since February 28” – Sister Ann Rose said.

The nun said she will continue to act for the children. I couldn’t stand and watch without doing anything, said Ann Rose.

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