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Dershowitz: Chauvin’s guilty verdict is the result of a fearful jury, no standard proceedings

Law scholar Alan Dershowitz on Tuesday (April 20, US time) told Newsmax TV that he doubted Derek Chauvin’s conviction was guilty as a result of judicial standards and the rule of law. Instead, Mr. Dershowitz denounced this judgment as the result of “outside influences”.


Talking on the program “Spicer & Co.” of Newsmax TV on 20/4 Mr. Dershowitz said: “I really do not believe that this verdict – maybe true in some way – is made based on procedural standards and the rule of law, instead that [it is the product] of influence from the crowd ”.

Mr. Dershowitz argued that “the effects of [Pastor] Al Sharpton and [Congressman] Maxine Waters” were like “the sword of Damocles hanging from the head of a jury” and they “were” essentially speaking [indirectly to the waiter The jury said] if you don’t convict murder and all crimes, cities will burn, this country will be destroyed ”.

Before the April 20 conviction in the Chauvin case, Rep. Maxine Waters (Democrat, California) said at a rally in Brooklyn Center, Minesota state: “If nothing happens. , then we know that not only must we stay on the street, we must also fight for justice ”.

“We have to be more aggressive,” said Ms. Waters. We must be more antagonistic. We have to make sure they know we have serious intentions, ”reported the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in Minneapolis on Monday (April 19), Pastor Al Sharpton – a civil rights activist and a supporter of the Floyd family, called the death of George Floyd ” a knee murder “. Mr. Al Sharpton also told CNN that “America is in court”.

Law expert Dershowitz noted on Newsmax TV that Congressman Waters’s recent comments regarding Chauvin’s trial were equivalent to “not only putting the thumb, but the elbow on the balance of justice. “.

On April 20, Mr. Dershowitz said that “their threats and intimidation entered the jury room” and that “the judge [Chauvin trial] made a terrible mistake of not quarantining the private jury. while this judge said the case could be reversed in appellate court. ”

The jury members must have been scared for their lives when they weighed on the sentence, Dershowitz said.

“Fears, threats – every member of the jury in that room already knows about these threats and when they sit down, discuss, they have to question themselves knowingly or unintentionally that ‘ If I give a different sentence than the [conviction] murder, what will the consequences be for me, my family, my friends, my job ‘. That should never be allowed to enter the jury room “, Mr. Dershowitz stressed.

“I can criticize Waters, I can criticize Sharpton,” said Dershowitz. “These people saw what they did right from the Deep South strategy of the 1920s, when prominent public officials cheered the rallying crowds. out of court, demanding black convictions or white pardon.

“The jury members should not be intimidated or influenced by what happens outside the court,” said Dershowitz.

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