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Dissatisfied with impeaching former President Trump, former CIA official left the Democratic Party

Former US CIA official Bryan-Dean Wright (Photo: Youtube / Larry King).

Former US CIA official Bryan-Dean Wright said leftist forces impeached former President Trump twice for the purpose of political repression, which made him intolerable and ultimately decided to quit the Democratic Party.

In an article published Wednesday (February 10) on the American media channel Daily Caller, Mr. Wright said: “Over the past few years, many Democrats like me have witnessed how far left forces in states United discredited former President Trump. They spent billions of dollars, used deep hatred and harsh words to attack Mr. Trump, which is completely incompatible with mainstream American values.

“These antics must have raised alarm bells for American political activists in many different fields. The actions of the Democratic Party not only do not bind people together, but also cause enormous economic damage and the division of the country ”.

He added: “The collusion between the left in modern politics and the media has made people hate Trump. The left faction constantly makes fuss and incites political divisions. Obviously, the consequences of this action have led to more violence and deeper social destruction ”.

He also claimed that the national violence of 2020 was indeed the result of instigation by leftists. The article states: “During a riot, a New York woman suddenly threw a bottle of fire at four police officers sitting in a car. Fortunately, the bottle did not explode and no police were injured in the incident. “In another, a Seattle riot group attempted to seal the door to a police ward and set the building on fire, burning the police to life.”

“In total, more than 700 federal, state and local law enforcement officers have been injured in left-wing violence, including Captain St. St. St. Police. Retired Louis David Dorn, who sacrificed himself for protect the city he loved from those encouraged by the restless Democrats. Obviously, the list of victims of the hatred and violence of the left is only growing. “

He also criticized the so-called “mainstream media” for blatant incitement to violence on the show. He said: “Key CNN figures like Chris Cuomo have told his audience, ‘Who said protests needed peace and order? Boldly, Radio (NPR) declared that “smashing and looting is a powerful tool to bring about real and lasting change in society.”

Mr Wright criticized: “These leftist remarks motivated the criminal mob. Ironically, Democrats have once again launched an indictment against former President Trump on the grounds that he incites violence. In fact, it is the Democratic Party and its so-called mainstream media that incites violence.

“Democrats like me can no longer tolerate this party. I had to leave him because there was no other option. The question is, what other policy options do we have? The 2020 election poll gave us the answer: Many people left Democrats and joined the Trump-led Republican Party to give power back to the people, ”he said.

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