In 2011, after watching a TV show interviewing Donald Trump, retired firefighter Mark Taylor said, “I have a very strange dream! In my dream, a God told me: “Donald Trump will become America’s next president”. At that time, Taylor only knew that Donald Trump was a very powerful businessman, and he was preparing to run for President of the United States.

As for Mark Taylor, he is a religious believer. He firmly believed in the presence of God, so Taylor immediately recorded this prophecy and everything he had just seen in his dream in a journal. The spirit told him, “Donald Trump is the man who will make America the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. In addition, relations between the two countries, Israel and the United States, will be stronger than ever. The dollar ($) will be the strongest and will become the standard currency for the other currencies to be converted and evaluated ”.

At that time, Mark Taylor’s health was not good. Therefore, he recounted God’s prophecy to Dr. Don Colbert – the man who treated him, and his wife, Mary Colbert. With the help of Don Colbert, the book “Trump prophecy” was born. And also for this reason, that Mrs. Mary Colbert – his wife Taylor, launched a “Pray that Donald Trump elects the President” movement across America.

The move then caught the attention of Real Works Studios producer Rick Eldridge, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Eldridge. And he was determined to get a movie in despite all the controversy, as well as the impending hurdles he felt from audiences. “I know, it’s not an easy movie to make,” Rick Eldridge said. Perhaps he will face opposition and public controversy. But I believe that’s the message sent from God. Donald Trump is the person chosen by God to build American history ”.

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The film “Trump Prophecy” – (Trump Prophecy), was produced with the support of film students at Liberty University. Turning a blind eye to the objections of thousands of other students, Rick Eldridge and his team still believe the film will solve America’s current divisive issues. must face to face. “I hope this film can become a focal point, to heal relations between divided nations,” he said.

Until the present moment, when we look back on the same thing and think about it, what has happened all the time has confirmed the firm belief that: ‘The prophecy of God’ in 2011 has come true. Is this partly the result of the effort and power of prayer and the birth of the book “Trump Prophecy” and the film of the same name, which was in harmony with the will of God. This is also the reason why Mark Taylor received this message with care in the Spirit.

“The Prophecy of God” was recorded by Mark Taylor on April 28, 2011

After waking up in a dream, Mark Taylor recorded all of the contents of God’s prophecy in his journal. Here is what was announced to the public, following Taylor’s wishes:

“God told me that he chose this man (Donald Trump) to help America overcome the current crisis. Like Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, Trump will be the savior of the United States. Donald Trump’s mission is to bring pride, respect and faith to America. The United States will once again be considered the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. The US dollar will again be the strongest currency. It becomes the “standard currency” for other currencies to be converted and valued. The forces that oppose God will be afraid of him because of this. With results that have surprised and stunned the left, the majority of parties around the world must abstain due to Donald Trump’s appearance in the presidential election. And this is fate! “.

In the dream, Mark Taylor still remembers the dialogue of God and the dark forces. He heard clearly, the dark forces said to each other:

– This person knows all of our tips and tricks. We have been manipulating America for decades. How can we stop this?

The Supreme God said:

– No one can stop what I want to do. For decades, despite so many influences, stubbornly against the fate of God and the intention to harm America, this must end in the end. Because God chose him. He will be the one to restore the economy and restore prosperity to the United States.

Dark Forces, keep asking:

– What about Israel?

The God answered:

– The relationship between the United States and Israel will be stronger and stronger than ever.

The God continued:

– We will protect America and Israel. Because this next president will do more than he says he will. This is the reason why it is so different. Moreover, he will be the one to reorganize the world order with integrity, courage and intolerance. Faced with opposing obstacles, he never showed fear, on the contrary, the opposition should be afraid and tremble …

God revealed more:

Aside from what we said above, the biggest difference between Donald Trump and the other candidates is that in the next election there will be a lot of candidates. To run for the presidency, they used a lot of dirty tricks, even taking advantage of the worst forces: collusion with domestic donors, to waste the people’s tax money. . Politicians manipulated by money are also ready to sell the country at low prices. But all the despicable stuff will end in catastrophic failure. Because no force or any trick of the human hand can change the law of the universe. In other words, it is God’s arrangement. Watch and wait, they will know that all media, both at home and abroad, will be drawn to this man. They will quickly know the results of the next election. The man chosen by God will end the century dominated by lies, using money and power to redeem human conscience, by the power of holy moral values. It is the inner power that God gave Donald Trump, to help him reorganize the world order.