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Dominion had planned to manipulate the US elections more than 7 months ago

The screen scans the mail-in ballots, the ballots are sent for counting in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States, November 4, 2020 (Photo: Reuters).

In recent days, a lot of information about the Dominion’s vote-counting system manipulating the US election has come to light. It should be noted that, as early as March, the Chicago Election Commission gave remote access to the Dominion during the election. This suggests that stealing the 2020 election is a long overdue plan, according to Vision Times.

According to an internet expert on Gateway Pundict, the Election Commission in Chicago (the largest city in Illinois) held an emergency meeting in March to approve remote access to the machines. Dominion vote in the 2020 election.

Among the attendees were Eric Coomer, CEO of Dominion, and Executive Vice President Dominion Voting On the Call Nicole Nollette.

This election commission passed a proposal to allow voters (including Dominion entrepreneurs) to work remotely and “work from home” for reasons of illness. This gives employees of Dominion contractors, including Dominion electoral system administrators and technicians, remote access to the Chicago electoral system from anywhere. Therefore, administrators of the national electoral system can freely access and interfere with the electoral system and data seven and a half months before the election.

As a result, they can get all the information related to the election, such as voter register information, postal vote request information and deposit list.

The next question is how many National Election Committees have given the Dominion the same authority. Maybe around 2,000 judicial districts in over 30 states including all of the battlefield states… maybe they all got the point of this election before it happened.

Also, why were two of the Dominion’s leaders invited to the Chicago Election Commission emergency meeting in March?

Video of the meeting made it clear that Dominion controlled elections across America. Who then allows the entrepreneur to control the American elections? This seems to have become common practice across the country.

The information that Dominion had the votes before the election really shocked people, before the election took place they had all the information on hand to influence the results of the election.

From a criminal investigation point of view, analyze 3 conditions that a suspect should have: criminal motivation, criminal tactics and criminal opportunities, as well as the relationship between victim and perpetrator. any period of potential crime.

Incredibly, Dominion is full of tips, motivations, and opportunities that he needs.

First, he has tricks for manipulating software.

Second, its leadership has supported Antifa and the leftist form of consciousness (Eric Coomer – Dominion CEO – supported Antifa, who said on a video conference: “Trump will not win, I’m sure of that point”) .

Thirdly, there is a criminal chance as mentioned at the beginning of this article, due to pandemic reasons, they can directly control the electoral system of 2000 constituencies in 30 states at present. points 7 and a half months before the election.

Following the discovery of the Dominion electoral system scandal, information regarding Eric Coomer – the Dominion CEO was removed from the Dominion’s official website. Lawyer Sidney Powell said Eric Coomer is missing and Dominion has also closed its headquarters in the United States and Canada.

Through the above analysis, it’s not hard to see that the 2020 election robbery is a long-planned plan.

“The mantis takes the cicada, the prince is at the back”. Powell, who focused on the Dominion System Fraud Investigation in a recent interview, revealed that Patriots who were outraged by corruption at all levels of government bravely stepped forward. , providing heartbreaking evidence. Her team will file multiple lawsuits in several key states at the same time next week, Ms. Powell said.

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