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Donald Trump declares the 2020 US presidential election a ‘Criminal of the Century’

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday (May 15, US time) issued a strong statement about the 2020 US presidential election, asserting that this election will be remembered as the “criminal of the century”. .

“Because our Country is being destroyed, both internally and externally, the 2020 Presidential Election will be remembered as the Crimin of the Century!” Trump tweeted. the Desk of Donald J. Trump”.

In the post that followed, the former president announced he had won the 2020 election, claiming that “the final election results were rigged”, as well as stressing that the election was “extremely close.” ” in some states.

“The Wall Street Journal reported (they finally got it right) that 2020 was the Worst Presidential Polling Mistake in 40 Years.” Public opinion surveys ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election are the most inaccurate ever, according to a major polling committee,” Trump wrote, referring to a Wall Street Journal article published on Wednesday. Year (May 13).

In a May 13 article, the Wall Street Journal cited political science professor Joshua D. Clinton of Vanderbilt University and who led the review by the American Association for the Study of Public Opinion (AAPOR). , said: “The 2020 polls have exaggerated Democratic support ‘compared to every competition we’ve observed’.”

Mr. Joshua D. Clinton added: “[This hype] was true no matter how respondents were surveyed. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking the survey online or by phone. The same level of error is widespread.”

The committee responsible for the study published its findings at a trade conference on Wednesday, but it has yet to release a formal report. One question this group has not yet answered is why the polls were distorted in the first place and what is the remedy for them.

Dan Merkle, President of AAPOR on Wednesday (May 12) expressed his sadness that the surveys before the 2020 election have tarnished the reputation of the public opinion survey industry.

Mr. Trump has accused them of purposeful ploys and called them “destructive probes”.

“This was done on purpose. Polls are jokes. I have won resoundingly in the States that a few days before the election I was predicted to lose. Other states have purposely dropped me so deeply that it will force people, even my supporters, to say, ‘Let’s stay at home, loves. We love our President, but he can’t win,'” Trump accused.

The former president added: “And then I won in these states or at least followed closely. In a state where I actually won, but the results were rigged, the ABC and the Washington Post [pre-election] dropped me by 17 points. Even if the final result was rigged, it was extremely close.”

Mr. Trump said he had to not only run against Joe Biden in 2020 and [also face] the crooked, disgusting and very dishonest media.”

“It’s called the TERRIBLE VISIT and it’s illegal. These are crooked, disgusting, and very dishonest media, and they know exactly what they’re doing,” Trump continued, repeating his initial statement: “The Presidential Election 2020, is by far the biggest Election Fraud in the history of our Country”.

The former president spoke of the “good news” coming from the 2020 election and later condemned former Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The good news is, the American people know it and the truth will soon emerge,” Trump wrote. “If Mike Pence had the guts to send Electoral College ballots back to the states to reconfirm, and if Mitch McConnell had fought for us instead of being a cowardly and pathetic leader, it would be now. we’ve got a Republican President to veto terrible Socialist Bills that are rapidly moving through Congress, including Open Borders, High Taxes, Massive Regulations and so much more !”

So far, Mr. Trump has not made it clear whether he will run for president again, but he has revealed to the press that he is seriously considering running for re-election and that he believes a Republican candidate. will win the White House in 2024.

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