English prophet: China will erupt in riots and earthquakes in many places

British psychologist and prophet Craig Hamilton-Parker recently predicted that Trump will be re-elected as president in the November general election, and that China will experience full-scale riots in the second half of the year. next year. In addition, in many places, major earthquakes occur

The Prophet Craig Hamilton-Parker

Parker predicted President Trump would be re-elected, but one of Trump’s closest allies would turn his back on him, according to a British Express report from August 25. Parker predicts that President Trump’s closest ally could be former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani is a lawyer in the United States, he served as federal attorney and mayor of New York. During his tenure as mayor of New York City, he was successful in reducing the city’s crime rate and improving the quality of urban life in the city.

Parker also predicts that President Trump will be impeached, Parker is calling the impeachment a coup initiated by the underground government (also known as the Underworld, Dark Empire) of the United States. United States, but he said the impeachment made Trump’s president even stronger.

Parker has said Joe Biden, President Trump’s Democratic rival in the 2020 election campaign, will be disqualified due to a scandal. Ultimately, Trump’s opponent will be Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, Warren withdrew from the election due to poor performance.

Parker also said: “In this election Trump will win a lot, like the state of Florida … People absolutely did not expect to support him and ultimately Trump will win the election. Envoy.”

He also predicted that in the second half of 2020, China will experience large-scale riots and the trade war between the United States and China will become fiercer.

At the same time, major earthquakes will hit many parts of China. The great earthquake has also happened in many places like the United States, Japan, India … In addition, there will be a tsunami in Miami in the United States, and a volcano on a small island will burst.

In the past, Parker has made predictions on YouTube and his personal website, he also predicted that President Trump will be re-elected in 2018. On Christmas Eve in 2019, he did so again. many forecasts for 2020.

Among them: the ongoing Middle East war; President Trump will be successfully re-elected; European economic crisis; Japan Summer Olympics suspended; The US space probe Voyager 2 has sent back mysterious messages (some understand this is an alien involvement), the deadly haze in China has caused a large number of people to suffocate, and China will also launch a new wave of revolutionary action.

Parker said at that time, under the overthrow of the Chinese Communist government, Xi Jinping would agree to make major reforms.

Although President Trump has been impeached, he will no longer resign and consolidate his power. Parker points out that among Trump’s confidants today there will be someone who can betray him, for whom the long-awaited trade talks between the United States and China could become difficult next year.

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