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Expert: “Gunpowder barrels” were scattered around the Taiwan Strait

China’s Liaoning Train (Image: Tik Tok / Shutterstock)

Amid the recent tensions of the Chinese Communist Party’s Liaoning aircraft carrier stepping up its exercises in the waters around Taiwan, Taiwan and the US seem ready to wait for orders!

In this regard, on April 6, US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby announced that the US is monitoring these exercises, also emphasizing the continued sale of weapons to Taiwan. And expert Ma Chan Khone (Ma Cheng-Kun) Director of the Military Institute of the National Defense University said that the area around the Taiwan Strait was like the Balkan peninsula in the period before the outbreak of World War I. “Gunpowder barrels” have been scattered around the Taiwan Strait.

Sources from the Department of Integrated Supervision and Advisory of the Ministry of Defense said, on April 4 that it has been discovered since April 3 that six fleets of aircraft carriers, including the Liaoning ship of China have been from the waist. The Miyako Sea in Japan enters the Pacific Ocean and travels south through the waters off the east of Taiwan.

The issue was declared on Monday by Chinese Navy spokesman Gao Xiucheng (Gao Xiucheng) that the Liaoning fleet training in waters around Taiwan was “active. annual training according to the plan “, aimed at” testing the effectiveness of the training of soldiers “.

The Central Taiwanese news agency (CNA) reported, during a press conference on Tuesday (April 6) when asked about Chinese military exercises around Taiwan, US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby asserted that the Chinese navy is conducting the exercises and the US is also closely monitoring.

Spokesman John Kirby reiterated that the US did not change its stance on the issue of supporting the “One China” policy, which would continue to provide defense materials to Taiwan to help Taiwan strengthen its defense capabilities. He also emphasized that the US will continue to closely observe the Taiwan Strait.

Apple Daily (Hong Kong) reported that, to ensure defense security, Taiwan has recently upgraded its defense to all air defense and naval missile units. The missile launchers of the Patriot missile positions were all ready for combat; The Navy’s Hsiung Feng II and the Navy’s Hsiung Feng III supersonic missiles are also ready to wait for orders.

Mr. Ma Chan Khone also said that the “dangerous spiral” of military interaction between the US, China and Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait is continuing to strengthen, the area around the Taiwan Strait is now like a peninsula. Balkan before the outbreak of World War I. Although the countries did not intend to start war, but “barrels of gunpowder” were pervasive around the Taiwan Strait.

He said that the cause of the “dangerous spiral” is that since the end of last year, China has repeatedly harassed the security of the maritime airspace around the Taiwan Strait, especially the daily intrusion of military aircraft. China’s entry into the southwestern air defense identification zone of Taiwan. In recent years, US military aircraft and ships have also increased maritime and air operations around the Taiwan Strait to ensure that the security and peace of the Taiwan Strait is not undermined by Beijing. .

Taiwan’s political commentator Lee Cheng-hao points out that Taiwan is the front line of the war against China. Currently, the Liaoning aircraft carrier group has crossed the Miyako strait to the south to the Philippines, with a flotilla around to protect the aircraft carrier. This means that China “intends to turn the Taiwan Strait into an inland sea”. He analyzed that Japan was preparing to deploy the most advanced F-35B fighter jets in Miyazaki prefecture to prevent the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning from passing through the Miyazaki Strait, and is likely to move forward. North at any time to “open the back door of Tokyo”.

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