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Expert: Three hidden figures may be actually running the White House

In a recent comment on Trending Politics, famous author Kyle Becker said there are good reasons to believe that Joe Biden is indeed an “absent” president, and there are others behind. The backstage is actually running the White House.

As the writer and producer for Fox News’s No.1 Hannity cable TV show, and also the chief editor of the Bizpac Review, Mr. Becker found that a few characters have emerged as “totals. system of concealment “or in other words” shadow presidents “, including a name that surprised some.

Below are the figures that have been reviewed and analyzed by Mr. Becker as “hidden presidents”.

Barack Obama
According to Becker, “Mr. Barack Obama is an interesting case to explore, because he was particularly reluctant to support his former vice president in the 2020 presidential election”.

As the New York Post reported in August 2020: “Mr. Barack Obama has openly endorsed the alleged Democratic candidate Joe Biden, but personally has expressed serious concerns about governance. White House of my former vice president.

Referring to an article by an anonymous Democratic member in Politico, in which when commenting on Mr. Biden, Mr. Obama said “do not underestimate Joe’s ability to make things worse” . Therefore, Mr. Becker said that “people should not just look at what Democrats show on the surface, see what they do, not what they say.”

In November 2020, after Biden’s presumed election victory, the Guardian noted his rise in an article called ‘The Silhouette of Obama’.

“He’s back with a vengeance. After four years lying dormant under Donald Trump’s domination of the White House, Barack Obama suddenly appeared everywhere – on TV, on radio, online and in bookstores. Obama’s memoir, titled ‘Promised Land’, was recently published, and with nearly 890,000 copies in its first 24 hours, has the potential to become a presidential memoir. bestselling in modern American history. It surpassed the book ‘Becoming’hich of his wife, Mrs. Michelle Obama, sold 725,000 copies the first day,” the post said.

“When promoting the 768-page book, Mr. Obama was asked about the influence he and his allies could take advantage of when Mr. Biden, his former deputy, assumed the presidency in January. 2021. It is a double-edged sword. Mr. Biden knows that he will always be able to call his former boss for advice – but he will have a hard time doing that and can be frustrated if compared, ”the post commented.

Mr. David Garrow, author of ‘Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama’ [Rising Star: Obama’s Success], certainly believes that “Mr. Barack will be happy to answer any questions or fall in love. Any bridge that Mr. Biden gave him. “

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Mr. Obama said that Mr. Biden “does not need my advice, and I will help him in any way I can. Right now, I don’t have any plans to suddenly be a White House employee or something. ”

When asked if he would consider a position in the cabinet, Mr. Obama answered out of focus: “There are some things I won’t do because Michelle is leaving me. She was like this, ‘What? What will you do? “

Kamala Harris
Because Joe Biden’s ability to run the White House has declined rapidly, Kamala Harris, one of the most radical members of the Democratic Party in America, is now ready to become President of the United States, said Becker.

“There are a number of reasons to believe that Harris is an indispensable figure in Mr. Biden’s White House, even though the vice president is a significantly lackluster position,” said Becker.

To support his statement, Mr. Becker gave some examples of Harris’s role in the White House.

Specifically, Harris is currently making [what should be] Biden’s calls with world leaders. National Pulse noted that Mr. Biden was absent from his call with French President Emanuel Macron on Presidential Day.

The White House press statement recently read: “Vice President Kamala Harris today spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron, while also expressing his commitment to strengthening bilateral relations between the United States and France and at the same time. born transatlantic alliance. Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address the issue of COVID-19, climate change and support for democracy at home and around the world. They also discussed many of the challenges in the region, including those in the Middle East and Africa, and the need to face them together. The Vice President thanked President Macron for his leadership on gender equality and France’s contribution to the Mars 2020 expedition of NASA’s Perseverance Rover probe.

Kamala Harris also spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Furthermore, she participated in almost all of Mr. Biden’s intelligence briefings.

“The President’s Daily Recap, a top secret update on the country’s top intelligence, has come back to being a daily event, whereas before it happened only occasionally under Mr. Trump,” CNN said. reporting.

“Mrs. Harris was even pissed off when she learned that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the Syrian air strikes before her. You see, Ms. Kamala Harris has to be kept up-to-date because she appears to be training to truly become the next President of the United States, ”commented Mr. Becker.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice, who served as Obama’s National Security Advisor from 2013-2017, is now the ‘domestic policy advisor’ in the Biden government.

“What qualifies Ms. Rice as a domestic policy advisor is a mystery; however, it would perfectly add up to her resume as a foreign policy knowledgeable person if she is prepared to move up the ranks, ”Mr. Becker pointed out.

According to Becker, politically savvy people clearly know the role Rice played in the “unmasking” scandals in the downfall of the Obama administration, as well as the “CYA” internal announcement ( to protect Mr. Obama but is arguably counterproductive) of her infamous).

According to the New York Post, in April 2017, when asked by PBS reporter Judy Woodruff, “do you know about the members of the Trump group being monitored in connection with foreign investigations? or not, ”replied Ms. Rice:“ I don’t know anything about this. I was very surprised to see the reports.

However, the paper stated, “but now we know that Mrs. Rice is well known, and has been at the forefront of all reconnaissance efforts, including the denunciation of [general] Flynn”.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell believes that Susan Rice is the “real president”, and the brain behind Mr. Biden’s work.

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice closely. She will be the president in the dark, ”said Grenell on Fox News’ TV program‘ Sunday Morning Futures ’.

“Mr. Grenell called Mr. Biden’s choice” interesting “because Mrs. Rice had no experience in domestic policy but would have‘ big influence ’in the new government anyway,” commented Fox News.

Given that Ms. Rice understood the “whole machine”, Mr. Grenell stated: “I think in fact, she will run foreign policy, domestic policy. She is probably delighted that Kamala Harris will be too concerned with the Senate… and won’t have a lot of time to deal with policy issues. ”

Mr. Grenell also believes that Mr. Biden’s vulnerability to all of these extreme executive decrees shows he is in a weakened state and is being used by the radicals around him.

“We saw him raise his hand in the Democratic primary because of some really radical ideas. The radicals clearly controlled him… And Susan Rice was right there at the White House to become ‘president in the dark’, that’s probably exactly where she wanted.

Closing the comment, Mr. Becker commented: “Mr. Barack Obama, Mrs. Susan Rice and Mrs. Kamala Harris are just a few of the most prominent figures associated with Mr. Biden’s White House, who may have pictures. greater enjoyment with a declining [power] president. A

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