Family Band The Petersens Perform Superb Cover Of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”

47 years after Dolly Parton, a famous American country singer, released her hit single,

In 2019, she launched a worldwide challenge in which musicians all over the world try to create the best version of a song and share it on social media.

To make it a memorable classic, Parton asked musicians to join her challenge.
One of the reasons why Parton came up with the challenge was to promote a 2019 Netflix series called Heartstrings that aims to bring her songs to life in eight episodes.

“Those are songs that I wrote. They are the stories of my life. Every challenge, every struggle, every smile, every sadness. That is the tune of my memory. That is the sound of my heart. ”
One of the songs on the list is “Jolene”, the story of a red-haired girl trying to seduce and take away Parton’s husband.
This exceptional family of musicians from Missouri took up the Parton challenge.

Petersens is a family band in Branson, Missouri with bluegrass and country music. They are also very good at transforming different types of music into their own. The band consists of four siblings, their mother, and their close friend, Emmet Franz.

In the video, the second oldest daughter, Ellen Petersen, is the lead vocalist and banjo player in their rendition of “Jolene”.
We also get to see Katie playing the fiddle, Matt playing the guitar, Julianne playing the mandolin and their mother Karen playing the bass.

It was Emmet Franz’ dobro who added flavor to their cover.
The family began the song’s intro with a beautiful instrument, then built on the first verse of the song.

Their chemistry together is the real winner of this amazing cover.

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