Farmers Shake Up The Barn With ‘Farmer Rock Anthem,’ Leaving 1.7 Million Smiling

Before this music video parody, you might not have heard of Greg, Nathan, and Kendal Peterson, but we’ve all benefited from their work for as long as they’ve been farming.

They’re parodying LMFAO’s song “Party Rock Anthem”, and it’s not a shoddy effort. You almost can’t keep up with the clever lyrical tricks and double-barreled gags that are thrown at the viewer. Someone lost sleep while writing this one.

The great irony is that the greater importance of video could be lost on most people. The beat is catchy and the songwriting is smart, but do you see what they’re in the middle of?

Each filming backdrop represents a vast world of work. Fields horizon to horizon. Crowds of cattle. Families. These are not leisure projects. These are their whole life.

And if they don’t farm, America doesn’t eat. A raw truth that they briefly enlighten us with the words “We help you do THIS”, before continuing the party. Let it flow.

We appreciate the hard work the Petersons put into this song and video. But we should also appreciate the hard work they put in to feed the nation.

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