Ferociously talented dancers championship with “Jack and Jill” routine

MADjam means “Mid Atlantic Dance jam”, and it’s all about swing! Their description reads: MADjam is the biggest West Coast Swing party in the Eastern United States. More than 1,500 dancers attend each year on the first weekend of March. They host it in the Washington DC area through Dave Moldover’s Dance Jam. The event brings together dancers from across the country to compete.

When Robert and Trendolyn go out, I can’t believe they paired up these two random artists! Looks like they’ve been dancing together for years. However, the duo did compete in the “Jack and Jill” finals, which are defined as “pairs dance, where competing couples are the result of a random pairing of leaders and followers”.

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Since this is a Jack and Jill contest, these two performers dance without a repeated plan. They are thinking standing up! When the song begins, they pull away from each other and slowly come back into each other’s arms. They walk with confidence and make fantastic turns and spins.

Trendlyon does a magnificent job showing off his coordination and footwork, making it feel like it’s as easy as walking. Robert is a spectacular leader. It not only allows him to shine, but it shows how much fun he’s having. His wacky facial expressions and funny little movements really make the crowd laugh and appreciate their chemistry. It’s no wonder they dance with the championship.

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