Fisherman holds his nerve as bear snatches a salmon off his line in Alaska

This is the moment a fisherman in Alaska was robbed of his dinner when a bear came and snatched it right off his hook.

The man was standing on a riverbank fishing for salmon, in a remote part of Alaska when the terrifying encounter with nature happened.

A video shows the bear approaching the man from the shallow water, coming within a few feet of him.

The video shows the bear approaching the man in the shallow water, who has a salmon caught on the end of his fishing line in remote park of Alaska

The fisherman, who has his line cast out with a salmon hooked on the end, remains still as the bear comes closer.

The animal then appears to change its mind, and runs back towards the woods, before suddenly turning around again.

It approaches the man once more, heading towards the salmon which is floundering in the shallows.

The man crouches down as the hungry bear pounces on the salmon and pulls it off the fisherman’s line

With the stolen fish firmly in his mouth, the bear makes a break for the woods to eat its dinner

The woman who is videoing the footage breathes a nervous sigh and says: ‘Oh my god, it stresses me out.’

The hungry bear pounces, grabbing the salmon with both front paws, before snatching it in its mouth and pulling it off the fisherman’s line.

It runs off into the woods to eat its catch of the day – albeit a stolen one.

The fisherman, now empty handed, runs back towards the onlookers as they laugh with relief.

The man and his companions, who captured the encounter on video, laugh with relief following the hairy exchange

The video was captured on July 26 and was published online recently with the caption: ‘While fishing for sockeye salmon in remote Alaska a brown bear took my catch.

‘The end result, everyone was safe.’

In Alaska, most sockeye salmon, also called red salmon, return to spawn in June and July.

Peak season for salmon fishing in Alaska is from May until September.

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