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For the first time, the US House of Representatives introduced a law requiring the freezing of CCP assets

On June 19, local time in the United States, Congressman Ann Wagner stated that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempt to conceal the origin of the Chinese virus (COVID-19) violates an international treaty that signed by themselves in 2005. This allows the United States to impose sanctions on the CCP and to confiscate and freeze CCP assets in the United States to compensate victims of the pandemic.

Ms. Ann Wagner (Source: Wikipedia/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ms. Wagner said this in an interview with the American television station OAN. She is currently pushing for the “Compensation for Americans” in Congress, which, if passed, would be the first time in history to hold the CCP economically accountable.

Ms. Wagner said that the CCP systematically and intentionally deceived, distorted and concealed deadly information about the virus. Such news could inherently prevent the emergence of a global pandemic. The CCP’s actions directly violate international law.

She said that in 2003, it was also because of the CCP’s deliberate cover-up that the SARS epidemic broke out in China. This incident forced the CCP to sign a binding treaty with 195 countries in 2005.

The treaty stipulates that if a country becomes aware of a possible global health emergency, it must report it to international organizations within 24 hours or as quickly as possible, if no, that country is responsible for its actions.

Ms. Wagner added that the CCP actually knew about the spread of the Chinese virus (new coronavirus, covid-19) in November 2019, but did not report it to WHO until January 2020. However, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and others let the CCP cover up the epidemic.

She said that almost every American has a heartbreaking story about the Chinese virus pandemic. They have been hurt, scared, lost, and now angry.

Currently, the pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 600,000 people in the United States, and more than 33 million people have been infected.

As a senior deputy member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ms. Wagner had proposed legislation that would make the CCP economically responsible for the pandemic in the previous Congress, but met with obstacles in the way of lawmakers. Democratic Party.

In recent months, US politicians, the media and the scientific community… have all called for increasing demands for the traceability of the Chinese virus. US President Biden also signed an executive order on May 26, requiring US intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the virus, whether it was from animals or accidentally leaked from a laboratory and to file an investigation report. within 90 days.

Ms. Wagner believes it’s time to pass the “American Compensation Act” and ask the CCP to pay for its actions on the virus issue.

In a press release released on June 15, Ms. Wagner said, “When the world should have come together to deal with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China (CCP) silence scientists who dare to speak out.”

“The American Compensation Act will ensure that the CCP pays for its corrupt, unethical, and dangerous behavior.”

The Act sets out specific recommended measures to bring economic liability to the CCP:

Freeze any necessary Chinese assets in the United States as a move toward reaching a bilateral agreement with the CCP;

Establish a fund to compensate Americans for losses caused by the Chinese virus;

Removal of China’s “developing country” status from the World Trade Organization;

Elimination of eligibility for World Bank development loans;

Prevent the CCP from obtaining special treatment at the United Nations;
Banning US savings funds from investing in China;

Imposing sanctions and/or travel restrictions on party officials, associates and family members, as well as CCP medical equipment and drug suppliers who benefit from the pandemic, high-tech companies, CCP entities involved in the theft of U.S. intellectual property, and CCP entities involved in Internet surveillance, filtering, and censorship.

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