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Former Ambassador Nikkei Haley: Big Tech is behaving in the way of the CCP

Ms. Nikki Haley (photo: From C-SPAN’s video)

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on Friday (January 8) criticized Big Tech’s “silencing the people” behavior, claiming that that kind of behavior was “what happens. out in China, not our country, ”according to Breitbart.

Ms. Haley made the comment in a tweet shortly after Twitter announced the closure of President Trump’s account.

“Silencing everyone, not to mention the US President, is what happens in China, not our own country,” Haley wrote, accompanied by the hashtag “# Unbelievable”.

In November 2020, after Twitter flagged Haley’s electoral fraud tweets, she immediately pointed out the social networking platform’s dual-standard behavior.

“When the President of Iran says the Holocaust [Nazi Holocaust] doesn’t exist, Twitter doesn’t say that ‘this statement is disputed’. When I say voting [by mail] promotes ballot fraud, Twitter says that is in dispute. Wondering why cultural defenders do not trust Big Tech? ”Ms. Haley wrote on Twitter.

In addition to Twitter, other Big Tech’s social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitch have indefinitely suspended President Trump’s access.

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