Former CIA official revealed “plot to overthrow the CCP United Front

Former US CIA agent Charles Faddis (Youtube / CBS screenshots).

Former US CIA officer Charles Faddis recently attended the “CPC Existing Risks Committee” seminar in Washington, DC, said the CPC “United Front” is carrying out activities. overthrown in other countries around the world, according to The Epoch Times.

“From the CIA’s point of view, ‘United Front’ is a covert operation,” Faddis said. When many people think of covert operations, they often think of guerrilla squads, but propaganda and subversion (in other countries) are clearly a part of it. “

“It is the desire of the CCP to undermine the activities of other countries around the world, especially to incite elites in other countries, to cooperate with groups keen to advance Beijing’s agenda and to do difficulty. undermining the collective cooperation of other countries “.

He says the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement on American streets is one example. A large part of the funds devoted to BLM also comes from the “Chinese Progressive Association”.

The CCP Sponsored the “Black Lives Matter” Movement in America

“Take the example of the United States,” said Mr. Faddis. Over the past six to seven months, the BLM movement and other groups’ protests on the streets of the United States, partly funded by foreign forces from Beijing.

“If you look at the cash flow of the BLM movement, it becomes clear that a considerable amount of money is coming from an organization called the China Progressive Association. This is just one of the many examples. “

“China Radical Association” has two branches. A branch is located in Boston, United States. They hang the CCP flag in the town square every year. The other branch is located in San Francisco, United States. Both branches have a close and long-standing relationship with the Chinese Consulate. And as everyone knows, the Chinese Consulate is the center of the CCP’s intelligence activities.

“The Chinese Radical Association has come out of many groups, and they date back to the 1960s to 1970s,” Faddis said.

“All of these groups have very close ties to the CCP, and all of these groups support the Marxist agenda right here in the United States.”

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