“In this scenario, subversive forces have infiltrated the US government, and the underground state is planning a coup against their own commander-in-chief,” journalist Cesare Sacchetti said. .

The US Ambassador to Italy is Mr. Lewis Eisenberg, a former member of Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest investment and securities banking groups. Mr. Lewis Eisenberg is also a contributor to President Trump’s first campaign. He was also close to the Zionists.

Zionists see President Trump as a rival because President Trump plans to withdraw troops from the Middle East.

According to former spy Johnson, on the night of November 3, a video showed a State Department man changing votes at the United States Embassy in Italy. He was then directly involved with the Italian Embassy in this ballot exchange operation through Leonardo, an Italian aerospace and defense leader and detained by the Ministry of Affairs . Italian health.

Leonardo’s satellites transmitted the modified votes received from Frankfurt through the United States Embassy’s servers in Italy to the Dominion’s voting system machines in the United States and elsewhere. This will be counted fraudulently.

The information provided by reporter Sacchetti was corroborated in a Jan. 4 recording posted by the Twitter user account @COMBATLVL, which added that Barack Obama was involved in a conspiracy against the general. President Trump.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was also one of the first foreign heads of state to congratulate Biden when the media announced he was president-elect.