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Former President Trump at CPAC: We will stop the left-wing culture of erasure

In a speech at the Right-Wing Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on July 11, former President Donald Trump pledged to “defend our borders, end the left-wing culture of erasure, restore fair elections ”and“ make America even better ”.

“Joe Biden has brought this country to the brink of ruin,” former President Donald Trump told the crowd at the three-day CPAC event.

“Even right here in Texas. We are at the epicenter of a border and migration crisis, unlike any other in the history of our country. At the same time, they have completely wiped out your energy industry… Under my administration we have achieved historic reductions in illegal immigration… We have ended the horrible ‘catch and release’ , when we catch a criminal and release him to our country. We now say: ‘No, it’s called [the policy] of ‘stay in Mexico’.”

“That policy has worked very well, and with the support of Mexico… We have reduced the highest percentage of drugs spilling across our border ever in the history of the country… We stop migrant caravans. We’ve dealt a heavy blow to MS-13. We have deported thousands of foreign criminals and built 500 miles of border fences.”

Biden’s border crisis, he acknowledged, “is contributing to an unprecedented crime wave.”

“The bloodshed and violence in these cities is reaching ‘epidemic proportions’,” he said. The number of homicides is up 42% in Los Angeles, 37% in Philadelphia, 68% in Atlanta and more than 500% in Portland compared to this time last year… In New York City, crime is even spiraling out of control. . It reached a record level…”
Former President Donald Trump also attacked Democrats’ positions on law enforcement, gun rights, critical racial theory and election law.

“They’re also working to repeal the First Amendment,” he said.

“The leftist and big tech attack on freedom of speech is illegal, it is unconstitutional and completely anti-American. To protect the constitutional rights and liberties of all citizens, this week I filed a large-scale class action lawsuit. We are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google.”

Last week, Mr. Trump announced class-action lawsuits against the tech giants over their “illegal” censorship of conservative voices, after social media networks banned him as well as many others. someone else posted after the chaos on January 6 at the Capitol.

The speech at this CPAC event was Trump’s second official speech to the group since he left office.

“We honor our rich heritage and national traditions. We honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and all of our national heroes,” Trump said. “And of course, we always cherish our great flag.”

“We believe in the patriotic education of our children, and we strongly oppose the radical way in which America’s youth are indoctrinated. We are committed to defending innocent lives, and proudly maintain the Judeo-Cristian prison of the Founding Fathers.”

“Our America’s glorious inheritance has been passed down to us through generations of patriotic Americans who gave everything they had, sweat, blood, and even their way of life. to make America the greatest country in the history of the world,” Trump insisted, “and we will not let it be taken away by a small group of radical Marxist fanatics. describe.”

He also referred to his tumultuous relationship with former attorney general William Barr, telling the crowd he was “disappointed” that Mr Barr had not been able to “hold anyone accountable for the matter.” countless abuses of power by the Democratic Party.”

He raised the issue: “He didn’t arrest the corrupt officials who watched our campaign, remember?”

Just hours before his speech, the former president also dismissed articles by “fake news media” that tried to disparage him and wanted to influence “rigged elections”.

“The Fake News Media always likes to claim that I lost in the ‘suburbans’. Is this possible when I was the one who stopped the Obama/Biden [administration] Obama/Biden’s low-income housing agenda, which was already enacted, from happening there. The suburbs would have been destroyed [if I hadn’t stopped that agenda] – but they [The Fake News Media] always don’t mention that I won 12 million more votes [in the suburbs] than I did. the number of votes I got there in 2016, which is also a record along with a record 75 million votes in favor of the incumbent president. So how did that happen and how did I ‘lose’? And remember, they can say all this, including suburban gossip, because we had a rigged election!”

Trump’s statement above appears to be a response to a story by The New York Times published on Saturday (July 10) that the suburbs “got fed up” of him in the election. last year, which brought President Joe Biden into the White House.

Trump also noted his administration’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic is only now being appreciated. “Everyone has finally realized how great the work we have done on the pandemic, including quickly filling in the “empty” resources left behind by the previous administration, both in the federal and state, it’s also important to remember that the Trump administration produced the vaccine in less than nine months, years ahead of schedule.”

“Biden and his team are only using our distribution plan that was launched long before he entered office. Without a vaccine, the whole world would probably end up in a situation like 1917, when the Spanish Flu killed an estimated 100 million people. Although the Fake News Media doesn’t recognize our achievement, the people know – that’s why I got 75 million votes!”

Mr. Trump also noted that “dishonest and corrupt” media outlets have attempted to smear him and “discredit” his administration by using places like South Korea and India to show His pandemic response is not the best in the world:

He said of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic: “Remember when the Fake News Media put me down by how well Seoul, Korea is responding to the pandemic? Oh, now, too bad, Seoul has ravaged the Chinese virus, almost beyond what other countries have had to go through. They had a bad time about the plague. The media has also used India as an example of another country that is responding [to the pandemic] really well – we all know how that ended.”

“They talked about these two countries to discredit my administration. This administration is now proven to have done its job very well. I’m just bringing up these cases to show how dishonest and corrupt the Fake News Media is!”

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