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Former White House adviser Navarro: CNN and Fauci have blood on their hands

A new study shows that HydroxyChloroquine (HCQ) is extremely effective in preventing and treating the Wuhan pneumonia virus. Mr. Peter Navarro, a former senior adviser to US President Trump strongly attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci and left-wing media channels. He points out that immunologists and journalists have killed countless lives by strongly opposing the drug.

The latest research shows an effective plan to treat Covid-19 patients developed by the former President’s White House. Trump was preparing then, was forced to postpone due to fierce opposition. (Mr. Peter Navarro, White House Economic Adviser during Trump’s presidency – Source: Screenshot Epoch Times)

Mr. Navarro revealed on Twitter on Thursday (June 10) that in 2020, when the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic began to break out, there was no possible prevention and treatment method like a vaccine, but the White House of former President Trump prepared large quantities of HydroxyChloroquine for life-saving emergencies. However, due to frenzied opposition from Mr. Fauci and anti-Trump media channels, those life-saving drugs are completely useless.

“I had 60 million HCQ pills at the time, but because of their hydroxy hysteria, Anthony Fauci and others did not allow them to be used by the American public,” he said.

“Mr John Berman (CNN host), CNN and Mr. Fauci have blood on their hands.”

“(If treated with HydroxyChloroquine), more than 50,000 Americans would still be alive today.”

Mr Navarro’s tweet was attached to an article in the UK’s “Daily Mail”, presenting the findings of a new study. This study shows that when using HCQ in combination with zinc, the survival rate of patients infected with the Covid-19 virus can be increased by nearly 3 times.

Last summer, Mr. Navarro attempted to distribute 60 million HydroxyChloroquine tablets stored in the Strategic National Stockpile. But he couldn’t do it without emergency authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As president of the US National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Mr. Fauci’s remarks played a big role.

The Trump administration was ultimately unable to obtain a permit, and was subject to opposition, criticism and backlash from CNN host John Berman and medical experts like Fauci.

Mr. Berman and Mr. Navarro clashed during a television interview last July over the effectiveness of HydroxyChloroquine. Mr. Berman thinks the drug is definitely useless, can only cause harm. Mr. Navarro said studies have shown that the drug is very effective in early treatment and prevention of viral infections. But Mr. Berman released a well-prepared video of Mr. Fauci.

At the same time Navarro gave the interview, Fauci, then a member of President Trump’s coronavirus response team in President Trump’s White House, made it clear that all scientific data “works” “All showed that HCQ was not effective in treating Covid-19 virus

Several studies organized by Henry Ford Health System in early July 2020 showed that HCQ is effective in treating the Wuhan pneumonia virus.

However, some health professionals continue to downplay the effectiveness of HCQ, and emphasize its potential side effects. Earlier this year, the World Health Organization also warned against the use of HydroxyChloroquine (HCQ).

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