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Fox News focuses on the virus-CCP connection and exposes Fauci’s lies

Recently, the US site Fox News has just launched a series of articles on COVID-19 and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Among them, a recently published article, directed at infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, was titled “Dr Fauci’s Confusing Network of Deception Grows

Mr. Anthony Fauci (Photo:   NIAID/Flickr)

Anthony Fauci’s scam network is becoming more complex. So more and more legal dangers he could face.

Fauci, the president’s medical adviser, was accused of lying by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky at a recent Senate hearing when he staunchly denied that American taxpayer money had been paid. used to conduct dangerous experiments on corona virus in a laboratory in Wuhan, China – which could lead to the COVID-19 pandemic. The minutes of the document overturned his testimony.

Now, new evidence has emerged that Fauci may also have made false or misleading statements during a House hearing a year ago, when it was examining the same that grant.

According to an exclusive report by Fox News, an upcoming book by two Washington Post reporters is titled “Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History.” , detailed how Fauci resisted a White House directive issued by the Trump administration in April 2020, ordering him to cancel a research grant to a nonprofit that was transferring tax money. of the people for the Wuhan laboratory.

Mr. Fauci knows why this order was issued. According to the “laboratory leak theory,” reports involving dangerous “hyperfunctioning” research in the lab with an outbreak of the deadly virus shocked President Trump. The fact that Mr. Fauci’s team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) could have financed a man-made disaster is a dire possibility.

The book describes Mr. Fauci’s specific conversations with the White House and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), as well as a conversation with an old friend begging Mr. Fauci to defy an order to rescind funding. . When Mr. Fauci and his colleague Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, refused to comply with the order, “The HHS General Counsel told them to do it anyway, and made it clear that it was a direct order from President. Implying that if they don’t comply, it may be difficult for them to keep their jobs.”

In the end, Fauci and Collins compromised and canceled the sponsorship. But two months later, when he appeared before a House Committee to investigate the matter, Mr. Fauci appeared to have severe memory loss, and stated that he did not know why the funding had been cut.

“Why was it cancelled? It was canceled because the NIH was asked to cancel it,” Fauci informed the committee members. “I don’t know the reason, but we were told to cancel it,” he added.

So, does Mr. Fauci’s testimony constitute a willful or willful lie before congress and, therefore, a felony of perjury under 18 USC 1621? Yes, there is compelling evidence that he is dishonest. At the very least, Mr. Fauci’s statement appears to be intentionally misleading, which could constitute knowingly making a false and misleading statement under 18 USC 1001 (USC: Federal Law Code).

There is sufficient evidence that the Justice Department’s criminal investigation against Mr. Fauci is reasonable. If the Justice Department doesn’t do this, then Congress can and should.

Why would Mr. Fauci deceive, mislead or misunderstand two legitimate requests of Congress for a deadly infectious disease that has infected 180 million people and caused the deaths of nearly 4 million worldwide? The answer seems obvious. Mr. Fauci has an incentive to conceal criminal evidence that he may have been involved in spreading a virus that is ravaging the world. In short, he didn’t want to be implicated.

If Mr. Fauci’s team at the National Institutes of Health helps fund a dangerous experiment in a CCP lab (known for its poor safety procedures) where a deadly pathogen escapes, he would be considered an accomplice to killing millions of people. Although there was no experimental evidence to support his hypothesis, for more than a year Mr. Fauci has consistently argued that the laboratory leak hypothesis is unreliable, blaming the cause. Is the virus spread from animals to humans in the wild?

No one knows for sure if COVID-19 was incubated in a Wuhan lab and then leaked out. But thousands of tests have failed to locate infected bat populations or identify a single host, so this theory (virus incubated in a laboratory) remains widespread. .

An objective and thorough investigation of the facts is very important. Investigators must not be thwarted by scientists like Mr. Fauci who appear to compromise their own interests and may be able to cover up wrongdoing.

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