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Funny Video :A pretty little girl is sleeping soundly while performing a dance

The little girl was sleeping soundly on the stage. (Photo video / South China Morning Post)

In a video widely shared online, a Chinese girl fell asleep dancing on stage, even her co-star next door couldn’t wake her up. This is why this adorable little girl has become the center of attention of the audience present.

This interesting incident happened in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, on March 22. Around this time, a group of pink-clad kindergartens were dancing on stage, apparently performing artistic skills.

But 1 in 5 girls sat on the stage, eyes closed, body still, clearly falling asleep. The friend next to her turned to look at her and didn’t understand what had happened. She pushed and shook her to wake her up but still couldn’t make you wake up.

The audience also seemed very interested in this sleepy girl, someone even stepped in front of her to use her phone to take close-ups.

Interestingly, her dance partner then turned to face her, perhaps asking her why her friend was sitting still, but she still didn’t react.

The little girl’s mother said she used to take a nap, but because she had to play, she couldn’t sleep, so she was too tired to sleep on stage and couldn’t wake up.

Her mother also said that even after the show ended, her daughter continued to sleep, with no way to wake up.

This clip has caught the attention of many Internet users. Someone said this little girl was playing the sleeping beauty in the forest, while others said with humor: Just like me at work… Others joked that it was another area of ​​sleep.

Someone even commented that: The Sleeping Girl is more entertaining than the dance performance.

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