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Gangstagrass Takes Over ‘AGT’ For ‘Yeehaw Hip Hop’ Performance Of ‘Bound To Ride’

On an episode of America’s Got Talent, host Terry Crews called the music of the bluegrass/rapist group Gangstagrass “hee-haw hip-hop.”

And the mix of musical genres and personalities is exactly what the band’s founder, Rench, had in mind when he founded the group more than a decade ago. “I wanted to form a band like this to play for America and deliver a message that Americans can find common ground and overcome some of the divisions we have experienced,” Rench told the AGT board. pass and come together. “I had to go out and find the perfect people to make it happen.”

The band’s performance of the original song “Bound to Ride” begins with just a country feel, thanks to some strong banjo (Dan Whitener) and fiddle (Brian Farrow) playing, as well as tight bluegrass harmonies, before Two Gangstagrass MCs – R-SON the Voice of Reason and Dolio the Sleuth – traded bars to deliver the “hee-haw hip-hop” Terry promised.

The group wanted to use “quintessential American music to show people we have some common ground” with their original song “Bound To Ride”.

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