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Gingrich: Democrats destroy evidence of fraud, courts must act quickly

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich. (Photo via SOH)

On November 25, former Speaker of the House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich posted a comment on The Epoch Times, exposing the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s tricks to “steal” the 2020 election.

He also testified that Democrats destroyed false evidence to cover up the crime. Therefore, he called on the state of Pennsylvania, which accepted the case, and which is also the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, to take immediate action, to prevent Democrats from destroying evidence, to maintain the trust. news from voters about the election.

The article says that Democrats’ election fraud for 2020 was linked to a series of illegal activities involving public and private officials.

On November 21, a new complaint filed by the president of the lawyer group Trump in the state of Pennsylvania, in a form that lists various illegal actions by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, to unreasonably increase Joe Biden’s votes . France, such as:

Allows voters to “edit” invalid votes.

Allowing unions that support Democrats to register large-scale voters outside the system …
Gingrich said, in this year’s US election appeared a large number of mail-in ballots, and mail-in ballots. This is an unprecedented huge number.

“Everyone is sure to guess that there will be a large number of rejected ballots due to voter miscalculation, and Pennsylvania could have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of votes cast by the post. . However, the number of rejected votes in Pennsylvania is only about 0.03%. In some counties controlled by Democrats, only 1,000 votes were rejected, either because of incorrect filling out or because voters did not return a dedicated envelope containing secret information about the ballot, ”Gingrich said .

Indeed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of the Democratic Party Kathy Boockvar, he explained, had issued electoral guidelines without legal authorization. This gives election officials the consent to give voters the opportunity to change their vote.

He said that in Democratic-controlled counties such as Allegheny County, Philadelphia County and Delaware County in the Pittsburgh area, large numbers of voters changed their votes, in which some officials changed their votes. elected. voters even contacted voters listing them and asked them to change or fill in their voting information.

“This resulted in a large number of invalid votes in the state that should not have been counted. Most voters in those Democratic-controlled counties are in favor of Biden. It dramatically increased the votes in favor of Biden, ”Gingrich said.

At the same time, the Republican-controlled counties strictly enforce state laws, which prohibit counting non-compliances, resulting in President Trump’s counting of many votes in those districts. This invisible general lengthens the voting gap between the two candidates.

Gingrich also said it wasn’t the only way Democrats could help Biden gain an advantage in the 2020 election.

In 2019, a full-scale investigation by attorneys and investigators from the U.S. non-partisan organization – Thomas Moore Association found that another Democratic plot to help Biden get more In favor is to allow organizations pro-democrats in the name of helping voters to register as voters, to infiltrate the state’s uniform electoral register.

After Secretary Boockvar resigned, he allowed radical Democrats, including Rock the Vote, to join the state’s unified electoral register and help voters register. to sign their statute, the Pennsylvania voters list appeared suspicious names such as “Mary April Smith”, “Mary May Smith”, “Mary June Smith” and “Mary July Smith”, ….

“What’s even stranger is that these suspicious names have now mysteriously disappeared from the voters list.” This shows, Gingrich believes, that someone is systematically modifying the Pennsylvania voters list to cover up their fraud.

Therefore, the Pennsylvania 3rd Round Court of Appeals must stop amending the Pennsylvania State Uniform Registration Record, as well as conduct a full investigation of fraud cases in the State of Pennsylvania before any evidence is destroyed.

“Those who try to ‘steal’ the 2020 election will certainly leave evidence and traces of crime,” writes Gingrich. Now they are trying to erase the evidence, before it is exposed to the American people. We cannot allow this to happen, otherwise we will no longer have faith in the integrity of our election ”.

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