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Google was accused of censoring information on a side effect of the Covid vaccine

oogleplex, Google headquarters (photo: Wikipedia).

According to Breitbart, Google is censoring information and documents related to the harmful effects of the Wuhan Pneumonia vaccine.

On Twitter, former ITV and BBC journalist Anna Brees said that she discovered her 100-page document about the side effects of the Covid vaccine had been censored by Google.


First time I’ve seen a cloud drive blocking a document…

It was a very long document re vaccination headlines from around the world.— Anna Brees (@BreesAnna) April 21, 2021


“The first time I saw a cloud service blocking documents,” Brees said. It was a very long document on vaccination topics from all over the world sent to me by email. I was able to watch it three days ago but now it comes out like this ”.

Brees herself has become a target of Big Tech’s censorship as the categories she is in charge of revolve around the Wuhan virus.

Recently, Ms. Brees interviewed Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a Canadian pathologist also censored by Big Tech after he declared Covid “another serious flu”. The video of this interview was uploaded on Youtube by Ms. Brees.

However, Youtube only allowed this video of Brees to exist for about an hour, while the video platform Vimeo not only deleted the interview but also deleted the press training videos of the journalist.

In 2017 Google Drive users condemned Google for carrying out “creepy acts of censorship”.

In a comment to Breitbart News, a Google spokesperson said: “We prevent Google Drive from being used to distribute content such as pornography, dangerous or illegal activities, and malware. and harmful misleading statements about the COVID-19 vaccine. In the event that shared documents do not comply with our policy, we can turn off sharing such data, but owners will still have access to their private files.

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