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Gordon Chang: China joins the American Democratic Party and provokes the ‘anti-racism’ theme.

Mr. Gordon Chang in a TV show (photo: CNBC Youtube video screen capture).

The Chinese government is taking advantage of the “racial theme” promoted by organizations such as the Black Lives Matter to undermine the United States, said Gordon Chang – China expert and author of “The Coming Fall. of China ”, said on Breitbart News.

Mr. Chang’s talk was conducted with host Alex Marlow, author of the latest work: “Revealing the hidden agreements and secret corruption of the mainstream media”.

Host Marlow recalled last week’s meeting between US and Chinese officials in Anchorage, Alaska, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Chinese officials have repeatedly criticized the Democrats and the US left that the United States is a “racist” nation.

Mr. Chang explained how Chinese officials and Chinese state media ‘framed’ countries’ criticism of China as the cause of ‘the hatred of Asian Americans’ while describing the US government pursues a policy of “white honoring”, to detract from American society.

“Chinese officials have come to Anchorage not to have meaningful discussions with us, but as part of a concerted anti-racist campaign,” Chang said. “Yang Jiyuan, China’s top diplomat in Anchorage, spoke about the Black Lives Matter. Shortly thereafter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [China] issued a statement ‘a strong smell of gunpowder’. That doesn’t mean anything to the Americans, but to the Chinese it means white racism [and is a reference to the 19th century Opium War with Britain. “

Mr. Chang continued: “And then, combined with all that, there have been a number of articles in [the Chinese state] media stating that, first of all, China should not be criticized for that causes hatred towards Asian Americans, which is an irrational stance. And they also talked about US relations with allies in Asia that it was all for the sake of white supremacy. So there was really a coordinated ‘anti-racism’ campaign.

Mr. Chang has observed how China seeks to sow the seeds of political instability and violence in the United States.

“Last year, China tried to incite violence against the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters by sending them a video via TikTok about how to riot,” he commented. The Chinese military did it right from the Houston Consulate, so there was an attempt to overthrow the American government using racial themes.

Mr. Chang said that President Joe Biden did not fully assess China’s threat to the United States. He commented on the president’s remarks about China during Thursday’s press conference.

“Two of the most important things [Biden] said yesterday is that China is not America’s biggest threat,” said Mr. Chang. He said North Korea is the biggest threat, and second, Biden still sees China as a competitor, when it is really an enemy. He does not understand the malevolence of China’s challenge to America.

Mr. Chang also reiterated Biden’s remarks about China’s human rights abuses that Biden attributed to the “different cultural norms” of the one-party state.

Mr. Chang said: “[Biden] tried to reiterate the really horrible things he said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, saying that China’s genocide and human rights violations are just the result of different cultural standards ”.

Mr. Chang concluded: “We did not hear [Biden] saying that he would ban import… of products made by forced labor. Now, we have rules to prevent that, but obviously they are not enforced nor powerful enough. So the specifics are not there. ”

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