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Governor of Illinois request Mandatory vaccinations for state workers

On August 4, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that the state will require all students in grades 12 and below to wear a mask whether vaccinated or not, and will introduce a mandatory vaccination policy for all state workers in concentrated facilities, in the context of a sudden increase in the new wave of COVID-19 epidemics.

Mr. Pritzker said in an August 4 announcement, the wearing of masks will be effective immediately, applying to all students, teachers and staff in kindergarten through 12th grade schools across the state. state. All outdoor activities and indoor sports also require masks, except for outdoor activities in places with lower risk and infection rate.

The state of Illinois also requires residents to wear masks in long-term care facilities, whether vaccinated or not, in addition to strongly encouraging owners of private facilities to adopt the vaccination requirement. , according to the announcement.

Governor Pritzker has said frankly that he intends to require all state employees working in high-contact environments to be vaccinated by October 4.

The new measures come as the state of Illinois grapples with rising rates of infection, hospitalization and ICU care. According to the announcement, Illinois cases have increased 10 times from the lowest level recorded this summer, while 96% of Illinois hospital admissions due to COVID-19 infection are people who have received one vaccination. partial or unvaccinated.

Mr. Pritzker highlighted the new measures aimed at “fighting the Delta variant”, and “Given our current trajectory in hospital admissions and ICU care, we have only a short window of time right now to do so. could prevent the peak of the epidemic from falling in the coming fall.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Delta variant of the Chinese virus – the causative agent of COVID-19 – is more transmissible and more resistant to vaccines.

Earlier this week, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned about the dangers of the Delta strain. “The Delta variant is very contagious,” she said. In a word, if you have the Alpha variant virus, you can infect two unvaccinated people. But if you contract the Delta variant virus, we estimate you could pass it on to about five other unvaccinated people — more than twice as much as the original strain.”

Ms. Walensky also said that Delta variant infections have higher viral loads, meaning that people infected with this strain can spread more viral loads into the air.

She repeatedly urged people to get vaccinated, citing that the majority of infections in the United States have been in people who have not been vaccinated against the CCP virus.

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