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Having passed away 5 days before his son’s birthday, the thoughtful father prepared a touching gift for his son

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Knowing that he could not survive due to his illness, the father forgot his pains and fears to prepare a special gift for his young son’s imminent birthday. His story has surprised and touched many people.

Joe Kavaluskis living in Hudsonville, Michigan (USA) knows that his time is coming to an end. He has a happy family with his wife Melanie and two sons, Ryan and Logan. For nearly 10 years, Joe has been fiercely fighting with cancer but now he knows he no longer has the chance.

Melanie’s sharing lines on the GoFundMe page (a friend set up to help her this page) made many people cry:

“It has been almost eight years since we received the news about Joe’s cancer. The doctor diagnosed him with multiple myeloma, a type of leukemia, which is similar to leukemia or lymphoma.

The first year, Joe had to undergo chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. That keeps Joe’s health stable for about 3 years. This type of cancer never actually cures, but we have achieved the best results we can.

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However, over the past few years, the battle with the disease has intensified. Every time he was critical, Joe had to use chemotherapy. Just like that for 3 consecutive years, his health condition went up and down erratically. Over the past two years, Joe is not healthy enough to work. The constant treatments made his body exhausted.

The financial burden that our family had to deal with was increasing, the really difficult period lasted for at least 2 years. By the time the drugs were barely working, we decided to let Joe have stem cell transplants again. We pray for the success of the transplant and pray for a miracle that might appear to help Joe heal. ”

Sadly no miracles appeared and Joe passed away in January, just five days before the birthday of his son Logan. But before leaving forever, Joe has prepared his son for a surprising and extremely special birthday present. The gift is also very meaningful for the whole family.

Logan is now 13 years old, he has always wished for a dog but never achieved his will, because Joe is allergic to canine smell. According to the Daily Mail of U.K., that day used the excuse that Jon (Logan’s cousin) was about to receive a small dog, the Logan family went to see some Boston terriers and French bulls.

A short video makes viewers shed tears, showing Jon handing a cute brown-spotted white dog to Logan.


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