The lioness is full of motherhood that adopts a cheetah

Recently, some pictures shared from Ngorongoro Wildlife Sanctuary in Tanzania surprised and surprised people: A female lion is feeding a cheetah. Why cheetahs can stay with mother lion? The researchers also find it really difficult to explain.

The mother lion is feeding her baby.

According to the National Geographic magazine reported, Panthera, a group specializing in the protection of animals belonging to the big feline family of New York, said that although lions and leopards are both large feline species, the adoption phenomenon is very different. rare period.

The head of the organization – Mr. Luke Hunter shared that as far as he is aware, nothing similar has happened in the animals of the big feline family. However, this organization is still observing more.

Mr. Luke said, this mother lion gave birth to 5 cubs at the end of June. According to calculations, perhaps this cheetah is about the same age as the baby lion, which is only about 3 weeks old. Perhaps the mother lion mistakenly thought the leopard was its child.

At present, Mr. Luke does not know where the mother lion’s children are. He guessed that this mother lion had just had a baby for a while, thanks to the effects of the hormone estrogen, it was possible to breastfeed a leopard. In short, in the wild, small animals that are abandoned are quickly killed for being considered prey.

Luke also said that, because Ngorongoro belongs to the famous hunting station, adds common infectious diseases and unlimited hunting of local hunters, so that the condition of small animals more and more dangerous.

The mother lion caring for the cheetah is a rare occurrence. But Mr Luke doesn’t believe this cheetah can live, he said, “You can’t want the lions to accept the leopard, if it’s discovered by other lions, there’s only death. are waiting for him ”.

The female lion, filled with love, is feeding her baby.

Usually 12–18 months are cheetahs able to live independently. And the lion’s behavior is unlike most other large cats, they like to live in groups.

Lions are ferocious swarms of animals. Assuming this leopard can live, what will its future be? Stay with the lions or leave them?

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