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Iceland: More than 10,000 earthquakes happened in just 1 week

A small village in Iceland. (Photo: Jay Yuan / Shutterstock)

In just over a week from February 24 to now, more than 10,000 earthquakes have occurred in Iceland, including the 5.7 magnitude earthquake and this is also the strongest earthquake in the country during the period. Lately year. Experts do not know when this series of earthquakes will stop. Fortunately, these earthquakes have not caused any damage to life.

Professor Benedikt Halldórsson, professor at the University of Iceland and researcher at the Icelandic Meteorological Institute, Mr Benedikt Halldórsson said that since February 24 the country has experienced earthquakes on several occasions and no longer knows when stop.

Usually, the strongest earthquake occurs first, followed by aftershocks that weaken completely, Halldórsson said. It is the process by which the crust releases excess energy until it reaches equilibrium.

In the recent series of earthquakes, the one that occurred on February 24 was the strongest at 5.7 magnitude, the second at magnitude 5.2 on February 27.

Although many people in Iceland now have to work from home due to the impact of the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, these earthquakes have yet to cause loss of life.

According to Halldórsson, if these earthquakes happen in Denmark, it will certainly become hot news, but since Iceland is located on the earthquake belt, there are frequent earthquakes, local residents will have to be there. get used to it and know how to react.

He said the country has one of the toughest building regulations in the world in place to prevent disasters caused by earthquakes. While still in school, people also learned how to react to an earthquake. In everyday life, they also know that heavy objects such as flowerpots or stacks of books should not be placed on shelves above the headboard or chair.

Principal researcher at the Danish National Geological Survey and Greenland, Trine Dahl-Jensen points out that although Icelanders are used to earthquakes, they are as dense as these earthquakes. Is very rare, only occurs every few years .

As for Denmark, due to its geographical position in the center of the continental plate, there are very few earthquakes. Every few decades a strong earthquake occurs here.

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