In a brain dead state, the mother suddenly woke up after hearing the sound of me calling “Mom, I’m so hungry”

This incident occurred in the city of San Francisco, province of Córdoba, in the north of Argentina. A woman named Maria Laura Ferreyra, 42, a mother of three (17, 13 and 2) lived in a vegetative state for 30 days until her youngest daughter came and said: “Mum, I” am very hungry! “

A month earlier, the mother of three had been assaulted by a stranger as she stopped her car, causing her to fall and banging her head violently on the ground on the spot.

The thief quickly escaped from the scene and Maria was hospitalized in critical condition.

A photo of Maria taken with her husband, Martin Delgado and her youngest daughter, before the accident. (Photo: Laura Y Martin)

Doctors say she is at risk of brain death and the ability to wake up is nearly impossible. They also advise families to prepare mentally and consider signing up for organ donation.

At that point, Martin Delgado, Maria’s husband, almost collapsed after hearing the doctor’s conclusion. He said those words were “heartbreaking” for him and his children, but he still hopes all will be well and his wife will certainly wake up.

Brother Martin Delgado and his wife before the accident. (Photo: Laura Y Martin)

And then 15 days later, as the doctors examined Maria’s doctor, she found that her nervous system was working again. However, she is still in a coma and lives as a plant man.

It wasn’t until Martin brought his youngest 2-year-old daughter to the hospital to visit her mother that the miracle started to happen. Out of habit, she sat down next to her mother and purred, “Mom, I’m hungry!”

In the presence of the doctor and the people around, this mother suddenly lifted her shirt and breastfed her baby. Even though she was not yet fully conscious, Maria still recognized her daughter and stroked her as before.

Maria Laura Ferrreyra woke up after 30 days living in a vegetative state when she heard her baby cry from hunger. (Photo: Laura Y Martin)

The baby is lying in his mother’s womb and is sleeping peacefully and deliciously, as if nothing had happened before the amazement and emotion of many people.

“It’s such a wonderful time, motherly love is so divine. Everyone cried when they saw pictures of mother and daughter lying hugging. I believe that from now on all good things will come, she can be with her children, ”said Martin with emotion.

(Photo: Laura Y Martin)

We know that the prosecutor Leonor Failla is the person responsible for the investigation into this attack.

The suspect is 23 years old and is arrested as soon as he is recognized as involved in the attack. However, the current investigation has not reached a definitive conclusion and further exploration is needed.

“What we want is for the truth to be clarified after the days when the three children have to wait for their mother to wake up,” Mr. Delgado said.

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