In a hurry to rescue people, the wild dog was severely stabbed

Previously, the pit bull wild dog lived in Georgia, USA, which was an unknown dog with a pathetic life. He was often seen wandering the streets of Baldwin. He was covered in scars all over his body, his hind leg was bent, possibly from a traffic accident, but had not been treated.

But one day in mid-2016, this anonymous dog became a hero in the true sense of the name in action. Since then my life has completely changed for a new page, but I almost had to pay the price with my own life.

It was a normal day like any other day, the pit bull was wandering the familiar path when he suddenly encountered a fierce fight between a man and a woman. He stopped immediately, not understanding what was going on, but soon after his protective instincts manifested.

As the man drew his knife and prepared to attack the woman, the dog rushed forward, leaping between the two to stop. His swift act of courage saved the woman from deadly knife stains. But the uncle was stabbed 5 times in the body.

The dog risked his life to protect a stranger without knowing he was in danger of losing his life. Sadly, the woman he saved his life had left coldly, ignoring him with the wound bleeding profusely on the street.

When two police officers Timothy Clay and Daniel Seeley arrived at the scene, they found a poor dog who was bleeding profusely. “At that point, I thought we couldn’t let the dog endure such pain and death. We have to help him after what he’s been through, ”recalls Sergeant Clay.

Chú chó Hero và 2 cảnh sát Timothy Clay và Daniel Seeley. (Ảnh qua LikeMag)

Hero dog and two cops Timothy Clay and Daniel Seeley. (Photo via LikeMag)

So they immediately took the dog to a vet. It was late at night, but the police finally found a vet who agreed to treat the dog. As soon as the police brought the dog in, he collapsed on the operating table in rather critical condition. No one thought he could survive.

“His gums turned white because he lost a lot of blood,” said Carla Welch, one of the rescue centers.

But luckily the poor dog survived the surgery and gradually recovered. A few days later, he was sent to Ms. Welch’s Rescue Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, over 300 miles away. Here he was healthy again and had a new life with a brand new name “Hero”.

Sergeant Clay was especially touched by Hero’s courage and miraculous recovery, he said, “We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped save Hero’s life. Unfortunately, our job must see a lot of heartbreaking things, but events like this make us love the profession more.

The hero dog was blessed with a miraculous recovery. (Photo via

After quickly bonding with the hero dog temporarily staying at his home, Welch said, “The dog is wonderful. This poor animal had gone through terrible times. But from then on, my life will definitely change forever ”.

And she was right. Hero’s heroic story then spread throughout the online community, with many expressing the dog’s touch and praise. Soon after, he was adopted by a couple in Tennessee. The couple love Hero so much that they even have two adorable puppies at home that Hero can play with.

So, the brave hero has finally officially found a new home and has a happy, happy life.

Hero vui vẻ trong ngôi nhà mới. (Ảnh qua BUZZmag)

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