In an attempt to prevent the woman from committing suicide, the Paraguayan police read the Bible to her

The incident took place on Sunday August 9 at the Costa Cavalcanti bridge, connecting Ciudad del Este and Hernandarias (Alto Paraná), where numerous suicides took place. A police officer managed to save a young woman who was trying to kill herself by reading the Bible to her.

On that day, Juan Osorio, a Special Forces Group (GEO) officer, was tasked with preventing a young woman from trying to kill herself by jumping that day, according to local media.

By this time, the woman had passed the security gate and was about to jump. However, she later agreed to a conversation with Juan because of his sincerity.

Through the conversation, Juan learned that six months ago she had just lost her baby. Due to her inability to overcome her suffering, she decided to kill herself.

Juan sympathized with his ailing mother and patiently persuaded her for the half hour. However, it was not possible to ease her pain and change her mind.

Finally, he thought of the Bible he had always taken with him, Juan had always carried it since the day he was injured in a raid years ago.

This time, Juan also tried to get out the Scripture and began to read to the young girl a passage from the Gospel according to John 1:51: “Truly, I say to you, you will see the sky open and the sky the god of God ascending and descending on the Son of man “.

After hearing those words, she burst into tears and looked puzzled.

At the same time, another volunteer appeared at the scene and spoke to the girl. At this moment of distraction, Juan quickly approached and managed to save the woman.

“I spoke to him thinking of all the possible scenarios. I was so nervous that I was shaking and sweating, ”he says.

That same weekend, other policemen in Paraguay managed to save another desperate man.

“He was very sad and said he had no job and no one would take him away from anything,” said Commissioner Reinaldo Téllez.

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