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Indonesia: 26 doctors died in the month, at least 10 were vaccinated with Sinovac

 Of the 26 Indonesian doctors who died from Covid-19 this month, at least 10 of them received a vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Sinovac Biotech Ltd., SVA). Moreover, they have given 2 full doses. As a result, the Chinese-made Sinovac (CoronaVac) vaccine, which is currently used in many developing countries, has been questioned.

The Wuhan pneumonia vaccine “CoronaVac” produced by China Sinovac Biotech Company has suffered serious side effects in Brazil, the Brazilian government has urgently suspended the clinical trial. (Image source: cadu.rolim /Shutterstock)

26 doctors died of Covid-19 in Indonesia within 1 month after being vaccinated with China’s Sinovac

The Wall Street Journal reported that Adib Khumaidi, the head of the Covid-19 risk reduction team at the Indonesian Medical Association, said the team was still working to verify the vaccination status of the remaining 16 people. According to the team’s latest data, within 5 months, at least 20 fully vaccinated Sinovac doctors died from the Wuhan virus, accounting for more than a fifth of all doctors’ deaths during the period. there.

According to the report, Indonesia is heavily dependent on the Sinovac vaccine. This vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use. But due to the wide variation in efficacy between different clinical trials and the lack of transparency in the data, some public health experts are concerned about the vaccine’s protective effectiveness and concerned about the vaccine’s protective efficacy. their protection period.

At the beginning of June, Mr. Eko Sonny Tejolaksito, a 54-year-old radiologist, died of the disease in Surabaya, a large city in the province of East Java. Catur Budi Keswardiono, a doctor friend who works with Mr. Eko in a hospital in a neighboring town, said Mr. Eko completed his Sinovac vaccination earlier this year. Mr. Catur said that Mr. Eko suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes, which will make him vulnerable to complications from the Chinese virus (new corona virus).

When Mr. Eko tested positive for Covid-19, his condition was not too serious. He was treated at a local hospital, where there was no intensive care unit. Mr. Catur said two days later his health deteriorated rapidly. Everyone is ready to move him to the hospital with a ventilator. But Mr. Eko passed away before being transferred.

A study in Brazil showed that the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing symptomatic infections was only about 50%. The Chilean government announced in April that the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine in preventing deaths in the first phase, 2 weeks after the second dose, was 80%.

Siti Nadia Tarmizi, Indonesian government spokeswoman, said that a case-by-case investigation of the deaths of these doctors is needed to draw conclusions about the Sinovac vaccine.

According to data collected by the Indonesian Medical Association, the number of deaths among doctors has been lower than in December last year and January this year. At that time, the number of deaths of Indonesian doctors increased sharply and new vaccinations were started.

Over the past two months, about 60 doctors infected with this virus each month have died. Since June, the number of doctors who have died is 26.

Thai women’s volleyball team vaccinated against China, 26 people were diagnosed with the disease

Foreign media reported that the Thai national women’s volleyball team was originally scheduled to attend the Volleyball World Cup on May 25 and received China’s Sinovac vaccine on April 29. However, 26 people were diagnosed with the infection before the match. In the end, they had to announce their withdrawal from the match.

According to the report, there were 4 coaches who assisted the team in preparing for the match. After they were diagnosed with Covid-19 on May 11, a total of 37 people, including female volleyball players, coaches and staff, were tested for nucleic acids. On May 12, during this time, 4 other women’s volleyball team members were also diagnosed with the disease. Now confirmed cases have increased to 26.

The Thailand Volleyball Association said in a statement that due to the large number of people diagnosed with Covid-19, the Thai women’s volleyball team had to decide to withdraw from this match and notify the Federation. international volleyball.

Some local doctors said that, according to the results of a study in Chile, the protective effect of the Chinese vaccine was only 16% 2 weeks after the first injection, and 67% after 2 weeks. during the second injection. Although some other vaccines provide 60%-70% protection within 3 weeks of the first dose and 70%-75% for 2 weeks after the second dose, none of them are available. Which vaccines are 100% effective?

Thailand’s National Center for Epidemiology says that even being vaccinated does not guarantee people will not be infected. At the same time, we hope that the parties can take this as a warning and not relax epidemic prevention measures just because of vaccination.

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