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Jesse Watters: ‘Big Media and Big Tech’ officially merging ’with the Democratic Party

The host of the program “Watters’ World”, Fox News channel, reporter Jesse Watters on Saturday (April 17, US time) criticized mainstream media for their relationships with major corporations and Democratic Party politicians. Mr. Watters said that “Big Media and Big Tech have officially merged” with the Democratic Party.

In the program “Watters’ World” for more than 13 minutes, broadcast on April 17, the Watters reporter stated:

Digital revolution, internet era. This has given Americans access to everything we want to know, and has the ability to communicate anything we want, to anyone we want. Information has been democratized and liberalized from a range of press tycoons and news network leaders. But, in recent years, powerful interests have reorganized control of information, and are selling fake news for a profit.

Never before in American history had such a few companies acquired such great power. These companies dominate the media, news and information in America. Big Media (major media companies) and Big Tech (big technology companies) have officially merged into a political party – this party currently controls the State. This merger is an unprecedented danger to the American people, to the truth. Because we are being manipulated for money.

Let’s name these names. Big Media’s parent companies, that’s where the action is. CNN is owned by Warner Media and Warner Media is owned by AT&T. MSNBC, NBC News are owned by Comcast. CBS belongs to Viacom and both belong to the National Amusements. ABC, as everyone knows, belongs to Disney. Half of the New York Times shares are controlled by a family company with large outside investors. And the Washington Post is the world’s richest billionaire Jeff Bezos, the boss of Amazon.

These Big Media companies, and their parent companies, control nearly 100% of news content in America. They control this story. If they don’t report on something, it doesn’t exist. They create scandals, or they hide them. They hire thousands of producers, managers, hosts, writers, and reporters. Almost every news you reach, they have it in their hand. And they also control politics.

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