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John Ratcliffe: Biden reverses Trump policy, sparks violence in Gaza

In the words of former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, Joe Biden taking credit for the Israel-Hamas truce is like a house arsonist who is taking credit “for putting out a fire that he himself helped light. “

(Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe – Photo: Getty Images)

“We are looking into the national security and foreign policy missteps of the Biden administration. Chapter one is how to create a crisis at the southern border by reversing the policies of the previous administration that have been operating,” the former Trump administration official said on “Sunday Morning Futures” program. ” on Fox News.

The second chapter, Mr. Ratcliffe said, is about Mr. Biden removing what’s working in the Middle East and reversing it.

He said: “Let’s make this clear; The 4,000 rockets fired at Israel were not Hamas missiles, they were Iranian missiles. “They are paid for, built and installed by Hamas fighters trained by Iran in aerodynamics to attack Israel.”

Mr. Ratcliffe added that the Trump administration had warned Mr. Biden that if he reversed his predecessor’s policies, it would jeopardize Middle East peace agreements already reached and that he predicted there would be More violence occurred in the region.

Whether the ceasefire is maintained remains to be seen, but the path the Biden administration has chosen for Iran means there will be chaotic warfare in both regions, said the former Director of National Intelligence. elsewhere in the Middle East besides Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Ratcliffe predicted that the situation would get worse if Iran was given more money to finance terrorism, “just like the Obama-Biden administration has done in the past with $100 billion to Iran.” in the nuclear deal.

“It is truly disturbing that the Biden administration has taken the approach that it took to bring down one of our sovereign ally state in the Middle East, Israel, to the same level that it elevated Hamas, a terrorist organization. father, and say that both sides are at fault,” Mr. Ratcliffe said. “I think it’s a tragic and troubling foreign policy approach.”

Meanwhile, if sanctions are lifted for Iran, then Iran will get launchers from places like Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan to target Israel, Mr. Ratcliffe said.

“The Iron Dome can’t stand it either, and the Israelis know it,” he added. “Let us help Israel, not harm them.”

Elsewhere, the Biden administration lifted sanctions on the company that operates the Nord Stream pipeline between Russia and Germany, and Ratcliffe said he found it “really strange” because the Biden administration had halted the deployment of the Keystone XL Pipeline, while looking into a Russia-related cyberattack that caused the Colonial Pipeline (a pipeline that carries 2.5 million barrels per day – 45% of diesel supplies) , gasoline and jet fuel from the East Coast of the United States, etc.) have been suspended.

Ratcliffe quipped: “The response from the Biden administration was to provide Vladimir Putin with a shiny natural gas pipeline [while cutting it off domestically]. “It’s really hard to believe how we got from ‘America First’ to ‘America Worst’ in such a short period of time when he changed so many foreign policies and national security issues?”

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