Laborers drink toilet water to prove cleanliness

A worker from Shandong became controversial when she drank water from the toilet that she scrubbed to prove she was doing a good job.

Videos posted on the Chinese social network Weibo showed a woman dressed in black picking up a glass of water under the toilet and drinking it in front of many people. She then explained that this was how she encouraged herself to work even harder.

After seeing the worker drink her glass of water, people around her, apparently a business leader, applauded her.

Luo’s staff drink water from the toilet. Readers think before they watch. Video: Weibo / Reng Jian Feng Zi.

The video was taken at Zhong Cheng Fertilizer Technology Company in Shandong Province, east China, and has caused considerable controversy on social media. One person criticized the company as inappropriate to encourage its employees to do so in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ask her bosses to drink with her, ”commented another.

It is believed that the employee was required to do so to meet company hygiene standards. “It was really difficult for the cleaning staff,” commented this person.

Others said it was “insulting” to let staff drink the toilet water.

Zhong Cheng Fertilizer Technology Company then confirmed the information and praised the employee surnamed Luo, claiming that the water in the toilet was safe to drink and that she voluntarily drank a cup of water. They assumed the video was taken by a customer and posted online.

A spokesperson said Luo had been drinking water from the toilet for almost two years now after “overcoming psychological barriers.” She wants to motivate herself to do a better job and the company urges all employees to learn Luo.

“She is our role model. This action shows that she has done her job to the best of her ability,” the company said.

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