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Leading lawyer released archive of electoral fraud evidence in the United States

Photo illustration of the presidential election by mail: Shutterstock.
The number of unique proofs has reached almost 100 …

Renowned constitutional, civil and tax lawyer Robert Barnes tweeted a link on the morning of November 16 (U.S. Time), introducing the link to This website purports to be an archive for people to submit and review “anomaly” evidence in the controversial 2020 US Presidential Election.

To date, the archives have 69 separate reports of electoral anomalies categorized by “importance” and “level of acceptance”.

The stated aim is to obtain evidence from community sources for use in court, presumably by people who will take legal action against the 2020 electoral process.

From the website introduction:

Due to the anomaly of the current 2020 presidential election, this is a community resource finder for examining unusual and legal issues. We want the electoral process to take place in a more transparent manner in order to gain unquestionable confidence in our electoral system.

It is about compiling evidence acceptable to the courts, not general election news or updates.

Trump’s campaign is now suing various states after videos of poll subscribers were thwarted, with sworn witnesses recounting vote additions and serious statistical anomalies. raised suspicions about presidential candidate Joe Biden’s rapid turnaround in the days following the November 3 election.

It is not known who owns – the site says “Copyright © 2020 Here Is The Evidence” – but online records show it was registered on 10/11/2020 by an anonymous buyer. . The first data sent to the website is time stamped on 11/11.

Lawyer Barnes, who publishes this database link, whose motto “I fight for the weak and overcome the impossible,” is best known for bringing public rights lawsuits. high population and taxes.

Barnes also came to the fore in 2016 when he won $ 500,000 on a bet that President Donald J. Trump would elect president.

In 2020, Mr. Barnes also regularly predicted President Trump would win the 2020 election, and he called for “avoiding massive fraud” during his weekly appearances on the Peoples_Pundit podcast.

Since the November 3 election, Mr Barnes has sharply criticized the mainstream press for failing to report anomalous evidence during the election and suspicions of fraud.

In Sunday’s podcast, he noted that he has the ability to make information “public” about voter fraud in the 2020 election.

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