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Many giant squid washed up on the coast of Japan, a sign of a big earthquake?

Giant squid washed ashore (Source: Video screenshots)

In recent months in Japan, there have been many cases of giant squid appearing near the coasts and even being washed ashore by waves. This unusual phenomenon worries netizens, is it a harbinger of a major earthquake?

According to Japanese media TV Asahi, on April 2, Japanese people discovered a super large squid that was stranded on the coast of Niigata city. This giant squid is estimated to be about 2 meters long.

Upon receiving notice, the staff of the Niigata Aquarium came to bring the squid, but because the squid was too large, was estimated to weigh at least 100 kg, making it difficult for the transportation team. Ultimately, the Niigata Aquarium had to dispatch more staff to get the job done.

In recent times, there have been many cases of giant squid getting stranded in Japan:

On January 28, in Shimane prefecture, someone caught a king squid up to 4 meters long;
On February 28, some residents found a king squid stranded on the beach, the photo was shared on Twitter and attracted the attention of many netizens.
On April 2, giant squid again appeared on the coast of Niigata city.

Because giant squid usually lives in waters between 300 feet and 3100 feet (91 meters to 945 meters) deep, giant squid drifting ashore has been uncommon in the past. Therefore, the phenomenon that has happened continuously recently has caused some netizens to worry: “It is said that giant sea creatures that drift ashore are the harbinger of a major earthquake”.

Some other netizens find it very interesting to see such a giant squid, even jokingly saying: “Craving for grilled squid”.

“Standing next to you, the aquarium staff looks as small as a high school student.”

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