Marvel at the elephant who knows how to scratch his ears with sticks

The Indian elephant has shown great intelligence when it knows how to use a long stick to scratch its ears, where its trunk cannot reach.

The itch is sometimes a rather annoying problem for both humans and animals. While humans or primates know how to use their fingers, dogs and cats use their feet, rhinos and buffalo have symbiotic partners like birds to catch ticks to deal with itching, elephants know how to use their inbuilt intelligence. myself.

The 20-year-old elephant Sundar, who lives at Banneruru biological park in Bengaluru, India, surprised the care workers when he watched him use his trunk to tightly wrap a long stick to scratch. parts such as ears, mouth and abdomen, which are difficult to reach and cannot be used by rubbing with plants to scratch itching at these locations. The other elephants in the park then followed suit.

Sundar elephant, 20 years old, knows how to use sticks to scratch his ears. Photo: NDTV

“Tool use in elephants is not unique, but the level of complexity is different for each elephant. A 2001 study showed that elephants know how to use and wave tree branches to chase them away. flies in Nagarhole National Park, India, prove that elephants are smarter than any primate,” said Banneruru Park Director Vanashree Vipin Singh.

According to scientists, elephants have the ability to solve problems intelligently in addition to complex cognition, memory and social behavior.

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