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Melted with the image of a mother bear comforting, holding 4 children across the street

The mother bear struggled with her mischievous cubs on a crowded road, luckily the convoy lined up to wait for the bear family.

Melting with the image of a mother bear comforting, forgiving 4 children across the street

It is really difficult when a mother has to manage many children at the same time, especially children in a toddler age that is active and naughty.

Imagine the situation of a mother bear managing four children at once on a busy road.

The mother bear has undergone many trials and tribulations when it comes to dealing with 4 children who are too naughty and will not listen.

Video about a mother bear and her cubs crossing the streets of Rowley, Connecticut, USA, circulating on social networks shows that the mother has to work very hard to comfort the fat, naughty children crossing the crowded streets. Connecticut, USA.

The Winchester Police Department shared the video on his personal Facebook page and quickly received support from netizens.

A mother from Sedona, Arizona commented: “I have not had 4 children yet but can still imagine the hardship. It is good that the cars have stopped giving way to them”.

“Challenges and difficulties of all mothers. Poor mother bear!”, Another woman commented.

Fortunately, the cars on the road stopped to give way to the mother bear. The recorded video showed the mother bear holding one of the cubs by mouth, quickly moving it to the grass, and then returning to pick up the rest. The naughty children make the bear’s mother have to work very hard to cross the street successfully.

A traffic policeman then thanked the drivers for being patient, kept the bear safe and also issued a warning to the drivers. The weather is a cool time so wild animals often appear on the road, so drivers should be careful to avoid contact with them.

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