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Mike Lindell’s new social media platform was hacked shortly after launch

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell launched a new social media platform called “Frank” on April 19, however, users not yet create an account to interact on the platform.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. (Screenshots)

“Frank was hacked, it was the biggest attack in history after the election,” Lindell said during the livestream, showing that the platform is facing some sort of controversy. cyber attacks “from around the world”.

Lindell made the comment while he was doing a 48-hour live stream as a “contingency plan”. Lindell said the live stream had 11 to 12 million people watching at about 11 a.m. local time, and then about 15 million people watching at about noon. This number has risen to around 20 million by 1pm.

Frank, also known as Frank Speech, is described as a platform combining YouTube and Twitter.

Before that, Lindell had received death threats. He said he has its own servers so that when the website goes live, it will not be easily manipulated or dependent on 3rd party providers. In early 2021, the social networking site Parler was translated. Amazon’s AWS cloud service removed. Then, Google and Apple also removed Parler from their respective app stores, respectively.

During the live stream, Lindell also targeted fact-checkers, saying “Facebook decides what to do after validation” and notes that sometimes the verifiers provide. information is correct – but the Big Tech (major tech firms) have imposed their own views.

With retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the right-wing musician Ted Nugent, and Steve Bannon during the livestream, MyPillow CEO said he was optimistic amid the cyber attacks and wallets. that this is the “bad part of the movie”. But it is also the “best part of the film” because he believes the best is coming, while praising the constitutional principles and emphasizing the importance of divine law – celestial law. (divine law).

“[Everyone] wants to listen to this call for freedom, we’re having a reform, a revival,” Flynn said. American people are starting to wake up, and so are people all over the world. We should not be afraid of our faith ”.

“This is a turning point in history,” Lindell announced. “They don’t take away freedom of expression.”

Last month, Lindell told The Epoch Times that the platform will be able to manage up to 1 billion users.

“I believe it will be able to manage up to 1 billion users. If not, we will try to reach that milestone. I totally don’t think this is exaggerated, ”he said.

According to Mr. Lindell, Frank’s core idea is to uphold freedom of speech, based on the early founding principles of the Judeo-Christian (Judeo-Christian) worldview. During the livestream, Lindell talked about how America was founded as a constitutional republic that obeyed the law.

“You won’t have to worry about what you’re saying, and you can speak your mind freely,” says Lindell. However, acts of profiteering and arbitrary use of God’s name will not be allowed to appear on this basis. In addition, threats of murder and pornography are also prohibited.

In addition, Lindell announced a lawsuit against the Dominion Voting System on April 19, calling it “the most important case in history for the rights provided in the Fifth Amendment. Best”. The move comes weeks after Dominion sued MyPillow CEO for defamation charges.

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